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@RitikaMajumdar spreads hate on her page.He has been caught 10000 times.She removes and posts hate again and again and tries to prove she and her country is better than others.She even slept with 3 guys.Thoughts?

Seriously Ritika! I checked your whole profile after this and wasted an hour on it and you spread Hate!!
like really?
You've been caught a 10000times even though you only got 2910posts till yet!
This person is damn right you're a Hatred Witch i swear. 😂
and the hell who told you your country is the best?? are you also one of those Orange People?? (Bhagva gang)😛
and Wait.........
You have
with 3 guys!
kya yaar matlab yaha toh bike 5th gear k baad bhi aur maang rahi hai and you're still on the third!
i mean really this anon is giving you a ishara that you hate so much that it's affecting your sexual score. lol 😂
Take time Ritika
Take time.
and see how lovely it is
to Spread Hate. 😃😂

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Kis baat ka dar hay ? 🌚

Ahmer Bin Sajid
vo puchti thi,
hum pyaar hi toh karte hai
kis baat ka darr hai?!
Dil Jaan aur Jism hi toh jodey hai
koi 'sarhadey' thodi na jodi
toh kis baat ka darr hai?!
haath pakkad kar saath ghumey hai
ek dusrey ko waqt dia
na jhoothey waadein kiye
na hi 'Ache Dino' ka nara dia
toh kis baat ka darr hai?!
Haqiqat batai hai
mushkilein suljhai hai
aansu ponchkar
'muskaan ki chamkaan' fir se lai hai
toh kis baat ka darr hai?!
haan kis baat ka.......

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