Why did you out requireshate on ello and not livejournal?

A question intriguing in its tactical importance, given that the ello post itself contains the answer. Thus you only want to ask the question a. to drive people to my ello post (you must work for ello—finally content about something other than how broken ello is!), and/or b. and to put me in the frame as "the bad outer", c. simple perversion, which of course I admire. (Did I send this ask.fm question to myself? Maaaaybe!)
As I always admire half-cunning/half-witted attempts, I'll unpack this a bit. Why do you wish people to see my ello post? Well, you're either anti-RH or anti-me or both; or perhaps in addition to working for ello you own some stock in a popcorn company (as do I!). But let's see:
Did I "out" RH? Nope. I reported on her outing. Liz Williams had already been sending emails, as a way to warn recipients of the "shit-storm brewing" (that is, the one she was helping to brew) and once any such email got anywhere, it got everywhere.
Of course, everyone already *knew* except for the willfully ignorant. (I don't mean that it was obvious; I mean that enough people knew as-a-fact from the beginning that eventually everyone found out. We played the I-dunno game because it was fun to do so, and RH seemed to wish us to, as she played it with us.) This is also important. If there's a lesson it is this; never be so self-righteous that you are ever the subject of gossip but never the recipient of gossip. You want to be approachable enough that people will tell you things, even if sometimes they only tell you because they know you'll tell others, including original sources.
Why did I mention it? Because I like RH's blog and her fiction, and I wish to see the former return and the latter continue. In the same way you framed your question to achieve certain effects, I framed my ello post to show that good editors mostly just care about good writing, and find the struggle over RH's identity to be rather ridiculous. This is a much better frame than "Aha, we have unmasked that terrible no good person—and she likes cosmetics and calling people's novels piles of shit! Clearly you can't believe a word she says; join us in our outrage!"
Internet Rules: first person to be outraged wins...unless the "meh" gets to the post first.
Incidentally, RH saw the post and asked for a minor edit which I was happy to make. If she requests more edits, I'll be happy to make those too. She didn't ask for it to come down, and has told me she knows why I made the post and that she quite appreciated it. Clearly, the woman is very familiar with the Internet, eh? Eh? Eeeeehh?
One last bit, and this may be apropos of nothing, but Bad People can be good writers. I'd like to recommend the brand-new anthology PRISON NOIR, edited by Joyce Carol Oates, as proof of this.