Ask @NO3MM3RZ:

theres a way to sync gmail with outlook so its just the outlook email for both emails instead of having to login to separate emails.

I use a specific app for my work email just because it has sub apps within it that I use for work as well. and with that, it’s set up with Touch ID so w/e lol
And logging into my gmail and yahoo was a one-time thing when I was setting things up on my phone (I don’t check my email on anything else).
Besides, I wouldn’t want to ever have my personal emails mixed with work emails. Jfc that would be a nightmare. Too many emails from my boss, my boss’ boss, corporate office, transportation, IT etc. daily, no thanks. :S

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Thoughts on tracking apps for your kids, spouse, family in general?

I get that it can be safe but I hate when it’s abused and used just to keep tabs on someone. I know a few people who get tracked with an app, and you can tell they’re just uncomfortable. Like they don’t know how to relax. One of my employees’ mom does that to her, and she’s doesn’t do anything, the best kid ever. but her mom will scream at her over the phone asking why she went across the street or away from work after being dropped off..
There’s a circle k and she wanted a drink and snacks. Like seriously, woman?

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Hi, I notice you have piercings, how old were you when you started getting things done? And do you have any tattoos?

Ello :) I had my ears pierced since I was a baby, but I started stretching them when I turned 18. All facial piercings and my arm piercings (no longer have those, I started getting at 18 too lol my parents said I couldn’t get piercings until I became an adult so that’s what I did. Nope, no tattoos. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t really see me ever getting one at this point 😂

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