What's your opinion on adults eating canned spaghetti o's instead of stringy canned spaghetti? Frosted flakes instead of corn flakes? Toast instead of cooking a big breakfast? (Inspired by my old roommates who thought I was "immature" for eating spaghetti o's. THEY'RE JUST LESS MESSY WHEN EATING!)😂

King Fink
Stringy canned spaghetti? O_o like actual long spaghetti length noodles in cans? Never heard of it.
The ones who make their lives easier with less clean up have their sh!t together ok? Corn flakes aren’t that great without added sugar and banana slices, let’s be honest here. Frosted Flakes have a nice amount of sugar! And who said adults have to always fix up a grand breakfast? AIN’T NOBODY IRL HAVE TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE. especially if you love sleep and are rushing to get where you need to be cause you woke up late accidentally on purpose. Lol i cba to even eat anything in the morning myself, I don’t get hungry right away when I wake up and I’m not gonna force myself to eat when I’m not hungry, ya know?

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