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Inspired by Gen 3 Pokemon games: Did you ever build or wanted to build a secret base or fort as a kid? Where did you build or want to build it?

Mawioc Udwoc
Nah, we were content with our treehouse at my tata’s house. That is, until they chopped it down :( lmao it was huge and where all the neighborhood kids wanted to hang out at so they had to pay their way in hahah

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im on all types of streaming services and on youtube ofcourse check out my other work too if youd like!

I already have :) anytime you’ve sent a yt link, I usually just go check other songs out while I’m there. Lol

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+3 answers in: “Are you sick of people telling you what they know? me too , check out my new song called "Yeah I Know" maybe you can relate. who knows this may even moitvate you. i appreciate anyone who takes the time out of their day to listen<3”

I spoke with your boss and you have been fired

Interesting, he didn’t mention anything to me and I spoke with him earlier. He actually said, “great job with sales yesterday! Strong start to this period!” Nothing about being fired yet. You sure you got the right person there, m8?

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