What was the last thing to make you cringe or flinch from a movie/tv show/social interaction?

King Fink
I’ve been watching the show You and... wait a minute..
**spoiler alert**
Joe stole Beck’s old phone and stalks her through iCloud and sees her and a guy named The Captain texting and she’s supposed to meet up with him and then he sends her money.. and “I love you”s are exchanged and I actually cringed cause I forgot he stalks her that much, but then I was like wow she’s a sugar baby. I turned it off and walked away for a good hour, came back and turned it back on and turns out it’s not what I thought or what Joe thought at first. Lol

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I absolutely loved You! It's so good, damn! Plot twist after plot twist. Joe is terrifying and Beck is annoying af yet the show makes you root for them so hard! I love it!

It’s definitely super good! I’m hooked on it. Beck legit frustrates me to no extent and Joe.. omfj he’s terrifying cause he’s so caring to Paco and just seems like the low key type of bookstore manager, but also a stalker and killer and jfc when he asked Beck “you want him dead?” I FREAKED. WHAT THE HECK KIND OF QUESTION JOE?!

I find Joe physically attractive and attractive in most scenes where he's not actively stalking/killing/being horrendous etc. and it makes me so uncomfortable but I feel like it's so important to see bc most ab*sive and dangerous people are charming and attractive on the surface and that's so

Omj same 😬 hahah but in my defense, I’ve always found Penn Badgley attractive since Gossip Girl so I keep expecting him to be like that on You but then he snap out of it every single damn time he starts acting crazy 😩😩 lol
Thats so true!! That’s what people aren’t seeing or ever really shed light on in movies or w/e.
Like esp with the Ted Bundy movie people are so disgusted with because they’re saying Zac is glorifying a serial killer when Ted would actually use his charm and attractiveness to his advantage and lure women. People are so selective and weird.

important to see and acknowledge that most people like that aren't unattractive monsters. They're attractive monsters!!!

That’s such a dangerous combo because they can manipulate in a heartbeat and the victims never catch on to it soon enough :/

I've been a fan of the Ted Bundy CASE for over a decade, NOT Ted himself, obviously and I hope the movie shows just how charming and attractive he was bc that's exactly what he was. He got away with things for so long bc the cops thought "this charming white guy can't possibly be guilty". Btw have

Same here! I just have an interest in learning about the minds of serial killers. I don’t romanticize them or anything, I just want to know what tf they were thinking during the process of finding and killing their victims. :0
From the trailer, it looks like he definitely captured that aspect of Ted lol I’m so stoked for that film.

you seen Penn's responses to people on Twitter tweeting about how "hot" Joe is? 😂 He points out how messed up they are for thinking Joe is hot bc he's literally killing off people out here!!!! 😂

Yeah I have! Hahaha and Millie Bobby Brown was trying to justify Joe and his actions LMFAO NO. People went off 😂

I'm on the same page as you, there. I find it all very fascinating tbh but I think those that romanticize them need to take a good look at themselves. Netflix recently spoke out against those who are romanticizing Ted after seeing their new series on him. I'm very glad that they speak out against

Oh for sure! I’m glad they saw that they know the difference about portraying him as he lived and lured victims, and romanticizing him and spoke up on that.
Speaking of- did you ever watch the ted bundy tapes doc. on Netflix?

people doing dangerous things like that o often. They spoke out against the Bird Box challenge too and I was glad they did but couldn't help but think that it only drew more people to take part in the challenge

Yeah, it seems like it did. But I guess you can’t really win for losing. People just like trendy things like challenges, whether people advise otherwise or not. Like that chick who had her stuff stolen doing the kiki challenge or those who participated in the tide pod challenge.. ugh. People.

Yup, I watched it when it came out. Have you seen it?

No xD i have yet to watch it! Every time I start, the kiddos want me to see a movie with them so I put it off lol