Are you planning on going to places with snow? ❄⛄

I want to! I saw pictures of north Scottsdale today, and they got a bit of snow there n_n that’s not a far drive for me and honestly, like it hasn’t snowed this close to the east valley or in the east valley since... probably before I was born. Lol AND Mt. Lemmon in Tucson got some snow too o:
Are you gonna go anywhere with snow?

Not sure yet. I don't really have any winter stuff with me

Oh yeah, you weren’t even planning on staying in AZ this long 😂
It’s probably raining quite a bit too so I don’t think going rn is a good time tbh lol

I noticed that earlier XD the news keeps showing snow too. lots of rain today! Backyard is basically flooded. wonder how the wash area is doing.

They’re so hyped about the snow too cause it’s more of a northern AZ thing so we don’t know how to act when we get it 😂
Yikes hopefully it lightens up a bit soon! Is there no place for the water to drain out? o:
My front yard is flooded and muddy and I already fell lmao my sister was blocking the walkway so I tried to step around her after she wasn’t listening to my “excuse me”s and I slipped and fell lol :|