Ask @NUSChemSoc:

With regard to the Chemistry Night on 12 May, will the dinner provided be free?

Yes, dinner will be provided. Kindly refer to our Facebook page for the menu,
If you do wish to sign up, the sign up link is here,
Thank you for your support!

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When will the pre order for past year paper solutions close?

It will close on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. The pre-order link is Thank you for your support!

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May I know if the sales of past year paper solutions be available next semester?

Yes, we will be doing PYP solutions sales every semester and will be updating the content of the solutions every year!

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About NUS Chemical Sciences Society:

NUS Chemical Sciences Society is an academic related society under NUS Science Club, promoting the study of Pure and Applied Chemistry under the Department of Chemistry. NUS Chemsoc organises academic as well as social events.