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اسف يا عام فلانتين عدي السنادي كمان و سجلني غياب السنجله مش مشكله بصراحة بقا مش طالبة عك ولا ناقصة شك وغيرة ولا حتى عتاب منكرش ان انا نفسى حقيقى اخرج مع بنت واغير جو وبقوبلك لو انا كونت لقيت حد بيفهم مانا كونت ساعته بقيت جموب لكن انا كل ما اكون مع حد يبعد ويقول ال مش ذنبه انا قلبي ده مش فندق يعن

Hussein kamal
Hoa m3lsh ana 7asa enk za3ln.. mtz3lsh

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Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?


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Which is your favorite TV show?

Grey's anatomy <3

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Which languages do you understand or speak?

i speak Arabic and English :D and understand somethings in french :D

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cause we are not real !

Oh my god! Me 2 not exist!
We ana 2a2ol ana invisible leh :/ tb we a l 3ml dalw2ty :|

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no no am no body AKA bny adam msh mogod fi l wogod

:O tyeb btklmny ezay ya mr no body!

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I am mr no body hello !

OMG jared leto :O

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talabt m3aya eny a4of Mr.nobody dlwa2ty :D 4ofto 100 mara w msh bakamlo, film na7s :D

Ahahahahaha allaaaah bgd nafsy atfrg 3leh tany ^^ bgd men a7la l movies l et3mlt <3

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i think this time is not for sleeping, is to listen Armand Amar, nw i'am with the aliens :D :D

Tyeb ma ana m3hom asasn ahot xDe

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what are you doing nw :D :P

Trying to sleep :\

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am on my bed -_- looking like that but am sooooo okay am drunk

Some jerk making fun of me :)

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كير كير كير كير ابوكي الله يرحمه كان بياخد الـ Laughing ده لبوس :3

Go " FURS " :)

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شبه محمد هنيدي في وش اجرام :D :D

Oh i cant stop laughing!

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نظــاره دي ولا صانيه شاي :D :D

La 2a3r kobya we enta l sad2.. how funny!

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msh bus 88 da byro7 3zbt el na5l bardk :DDD hahahahahha :P

Ahhh ma l aliens men 3azbt l nna5l xDe

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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?

Shit, Hopeless, misery

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el ka2nat el fada2ya hategy emta b2a :'( :DDDD !?

Bokra fe bus 88

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کترر گلمــه بـتـتقالک ..... ؟! :)

τλરεκ ßε κλ ◔̯◔ シヅ
mm msh 3arfa

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b endhoOolk fe l Home ? bs bsRa7a

τλરεκ ßε κλ ◔̯◔ シヅ
nada aw dodo aw "om 7assein" dont ask :D

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who's the cutest person you've met using the chatous app lol

actually nobody :D

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ahln wshln :D

beek isa

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