Ask @Nadiiine91:

So Iโ€™ve been friends with this guy for little over a year now and he loved me and I well didnt have any feelings for him like he did for me. I just wanted only to be friends but it was hard to tell him that so I acted like I had a boyfriend and now he rarely ever talks to me /: What do I do now? :/

You donโ€™t love him anyway! So leave him.

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ูŠุนู†ูŠ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุดูƒู„ูŠ ุฌุงูŠ ุนู‡ูŠูˆุณุชู† ุจุณ ุนุดุงู†ูƒ

ุงูˆู ุงูˆู ู‡ู‡ู‡ ุทูŠุจ ุงู‡ู„ุง ูˆุณู‡ู„ุง ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡

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