Naelyan,. what do you mean by the astral temple was reopened? Why was it closed? What happens in these types of situations where it closes and them reopens? Did Aset close it and is opening it again?

We don't know why it was closed, I believe it was just forgotten. But it is open now and there is someone taking care of it. It is going to stay open from now on. It is such a beautiful temple. It is worth visiting.

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About Naelyan Wyvern:

Sou Bruxa e Wiccana desde 1992, sou a fundadora e Alta Sacerdotisa da Tradição Caminhos das Sombras. Sou também Suma Sacerdotisa Wanen. Consagrei meu sacerdócio a Aset (Isis), Ran, Morrigan e Yinepu (Anúbis).

Vancouver, BC, Canadá.