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✿ Day 2: One piece Answer these questions:

Yui senpai (・ิω・ิ*)
I watch it occasionally, it's started airing on tv in my country so I watch it sometimes when it's on. It's pretty fun
I don't know a lot characters but I think Nami is fun
I haven't seen a lot so I can't rate it
I don't
I only saw one I also know the english version and I think its so funny 😂

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Say, ur friend got mad at you bc of the things she thought you didn’t like eventho you didn’t say such words. Like, she misunderstood what you said and never let you speak up or clear things up. Now she hasn’t replied to ur last text. Would u text her again and make her understand or just let it be?

If she's my friend then I would try to make her understand
If it was some randome person I wouldn't care about what they think about me or if they like me but if it's someone I care about I would try to do everything to explain this misunderstanding

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