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Ooo i see...saya pun sama..keje bukak tutup wifi..tgok signal elok je..taktahu pulak kita mengalami masalah yg sama huhu

boleh turun berat tau kalau awak tengok saya naik turun tangga. fuhh dahla penat, i think everyone got the same problem :" naik gila ws and ig can't open bhahahahaha so glad that twitter tak putus cinta kalau tak sumpah i'll go crazy though

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Idk , my family never understand me . I hate my life :(

i've been in your place before. i felt like they always get me wrong in everything i did. i asked myself, why my parents never understand me ? why they always say no in everything i want ? i realized back then. i never put some efforts to get closer with allah. i seeking for his help when i'm in trouble. but when i'm so happy with my life ? i'm just ignore him. i immediately stop praying after made solat. after i knew this is the reason, i'm tried wake up every 3/4 night. i'm pray, solat, hoping that my family happy ever after. i'm doing this habits about a week and i saw the changes in my life. my parents always ask me if i have any problem or not, have i eaten yet and they always give me unexpected gitfs. just so you know, one more secret is, always kiss your parents cheeks and hands. ask for their barakah. alhamdulillah, i'm so happy with what i have now. they always support me upside down. you should muhasabah yourself first honey !

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