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Wow, that was a very elaborate answer. Difference between pre-knowledge and pre-destination? The first, you know about the events beforehand without changing the events while the other has intervention of changing the events. Ofcourse only God has the power of these two terms absolutely. Good day!🙂

Thank you for the question. It really made me think. I too believe that these things are under God's domain. It was fun thinking though!
Good day to you too! 😊
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+2 answers in: “What would you do if you get to know who your future spouse is?”

Are you happy when your friends are happy or you tend to feel jealous?

I am happy when my friends are happy. The joy only compounds 🌼
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What would you do if you get to know who your future spouse is?

Okay, this situation can describe the world in two ways. There will be subsequent two approaches.
In one scenario, the world is predetermined. As a result, any attempts by me to alter this will not be fruitful. In such a world, if I knew who my spouse would be, I would research on the person's background and later break the ice to learn more about the person, withholding the knowledge that the person concerned would become my spouse.
However, if the world were one where free will trumped all, prior knowledge of my spouse would put me at an advantageous spot. Yes, I would do my research and break the ice just the same, but here, based on the outcome I'd like for me, I'd plan accordingly.
Also, a world of predestination, does not guarantee permanence. Indeed laws of divorce would still apply in both these worlds if one wishes to step out. But I digress.
Thank you for the question. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night. ^^

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What adventures would you like to get on vacation?

I'm not much for adventure. On vacation, I'd like to go to the library with my friends, maybe write a song with them. And read a couple of books too.

What are snails even trying to do?

Snails are living the snail life. They are intolerant of high temperatures and dry places. I believe they are trying to look for food and moisture and a damp and dark place to stay cool.
What are snails even trying to do

What would be your ideal lifestyle?

Reading a whole lot of books, taking walks, talking to my besties, baking loads of cookies, drawing a lot

What would be your action plan, if there were no more electricity in the world?

Talk to people in restaurants, just like old days when there was no Wi-Fi. Walk the neighbor's dog, cycle, live in a small community. Send handwritten letters to random places. Camp. Stargaze. Listen to someone play the guitar by a campfire. Read many books. Exchange many letters, collect stamps and trade them for shells that are found on the shoreline. Probably even make art with it. Try an easel for drawing or painting.

Do you like surprises? Why or why not?

Thank you so much for the question, Riam.
I like surprises because they can be compared to examples that stand against constants. Life, as I think, was never meant to be constant. It is full of surprises. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, we have to have them all. I can't prepare myself for everything. I am not sure about others. Life's surprises sometimes delight me, and sometimes scar me. But it helps me become a better person so...I guess I like them!

Is it a good idea to share your goals and dreams to others or is it best to just keep it to yourself? Why?

Hello, Riam. Thank you so much for your question.
Okay, so, the answer that I am giving is something that I have heard.
It is not a good idea to share your goals and dreams to others. It is best to keep it just to yourself. What happens is, the moment we share our goals and dreams, we get comfortable and settle in the illusion that we have attained them. And moreover, sharing our goals and dreams to others would also put a pressure of succeeding to attain the goals and dreams that we shared with the person. This would result in making our goals and dreams feel more like a burden on us. It would feel like a compulsion. Moreover, in the case of a failure, it would lead to a greater disappointment because we would think that people were rooting for us. So, I think that keeping our goals and dreams to ourselves is the best.
Hope it helps. Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night. ^_^

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What's your interpretation on the title "Let the circle be unbroken?"

millieniumgirl’s Profile Photo☆Togepi again☆
Okay. My interpretation of the title would be something like this:
Firstly, I believe a circle cannot be a circle is it is incomplete from any place. So, any "broken" end would cause the circle to not exist at all. It would become an arc in such a case.
On anther note, I think it is a local circle of friends. For instance, three friends who would like to stay together till time and situations permit.
From another perspective, I believe that it can refer to a hypothetical chain that grows steadily. Since it is hypothetical, it cannot be discernibly termed as "a circle" to begin with. However, there lies its strength. It can become anything as it cannot be perceived by one's senses. For example, consider a group of people who are being kind to others. So, they, in turn, think that it would be nice to be kind towards other people. That thinking would reflect in their behavior and, it would be like a ripple that would flow outward because of a single interference (being kind) that was introduced in the medium. Sort of like a domino effect. Although, over here, "Let the circle be unbroken would" mean something like "do not stop the act of kindness".
That's what I think. Hope it helps. :)

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Hi! If someone ignored you would you ignore them as payback?

millieniumgirl’s Profile Photo☆Togepi again☆
Thank you for the question! >(^-^)<
Answering your question...um...I'd not really ignore the other person as payback for ignoring me.
I think it would be mean to ignore somebody just for the sake of retribution. I'd not change myself just because of someone's ill act. I wouldn't choose to make my heart bitter owing to external affliction.
No. :)
Hope that answered your question! c:
A big thank you for patiently reading my answer! ^-^
Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night!
Be happy! <3
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"Bullying is a way to get rid of the weak." Do you agree?

Thank you for the question, Riam! ^-^
I completely disagree with the statement. Everyone has the right to exist. We, as humans, don't have the supreme right to judge who lives and who doesn't. At least that's how I think it to be. :)
Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night! >(^-^)<
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Do you consider everything around you as ART?

Finally got some time to answer. Wow! There are sooooo many questions! So okay.
Thank you for the question! ^_^
So um...I think everything around me as art. It's like, the things that exist around me, they are there just the way they are because of an intricate balance. They exist because the conditions are appropriate for them to be the way they are.
It's like, some force (to me, it's God) regulates the conditions around and the portrait, the landscape keeps changing accordingly. The change is gradual and beautiful. Yup, beautiful. The way the winter slowly creeps in and summer goes away, the way the leaves change during the fall, it's picturesque.
I think the immediate world around us can fill us with inspiration when once looked at from a particular perspective. It's like God's canvas and the only thing humans can do is marvel at it...:')
The way the birds flap their wings to fly, the way our clothes fold on a windy day, the way the sun rises, the way the clouds subtly move across the sky, it's art to me and it's beautiful.

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