Ask @Naqvi555:

What u think removing the politicians from the most important ministeries of Pakistan? Is a good decision? Or it will effect Pakistan? 🇵🇰

Muhammad Luqman
What I think!! Does that even matter??
Compare Zardari's cabinet in 2011 VS So called naya Pakistan's cabinet now.
8 major minister are having exactly the same ministries.Is this the Tabdeeli we were told about?
In other words Zardari's cabinet was right.he was on right path!!!
Is this what we voted for
And the captain says"sometimes we have to change the batting order to improve the performance"
Is this some kind of joke?? Are we playing a cricket match.
Aunty Gorment bilkul theek kehti hain!! yay bik gai hy Gorment.gorment main ab kuch nai bacha!!!

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میں ان شیشہ گر و ں سے پو چھتا ھو ں🤔 کے ٹو ٹا دل بھی جو ڑ ا ہے کسی نے💔👉💖 دل امید تو ڑ ا ہے کسی نے💔 Your turn? 🙊

Noory Lail Bangash
شیشہ گروں کا کام تو شیشے کی حد پہ ہے
دل ٹوٹ گیا ہے تو آپ تھانے جاءیے
تِب کا مرض ہے آپ کو، مزدور کیا کرے؟؟؟
میرے سلا مانیں،دواخانے جاءیے

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