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What is your favorite joke?

Why did the chicken cross the road? I still don't know the answer to that joke till now.

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So have u started wearing tudung full time??

not yet, but hopefully one day!

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do you still active here?

sometimes, when i rmb to check my lol

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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?

I love to plan things way wayyyy in advance, but still end up doing things last minute.

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Would you like to live in another country?

nope, Malaysia forever in my heart la dei.

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who is your best friend ?

my mama.

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What is the best thing about being your age?

Old enough to have freedom and young enough to still be baby-ed.

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One band that you need to watch live before you die?


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Are you a good kisser?

I'd like to think I am :') Hahaha

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Who's your favourite porn star?

You do realize I can see who's posting this right... -.-

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Do you like spooning?

I think I like forks more :p

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Favorite song from backstreet boys?

hmmm... i guess it would be Shape of my Heart? but i like most of their songs :)

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So one day,you wake up and Zordon decided that you are the one if the chosen ones to be a Power Ranger.Which colour would you want to be?

well, pink! :3

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Lagu melayu favoritemu?

ku suka lagu Selamat Hari Raya - Saloma. Hahaha

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Berbuka makan apa?

whoops, dah too late nak jawb soalan ni :p umm buka makan rendang and ketupat. hahah

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Haha i do! My childhood is filled with water fights :D man i miss those days...

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What is Malaysia to you?

Malaysia.. it's everything to me. No matter how far i travel, i will always miss msian scenery. No matter what kind of food i taste, nothing beats msian food. No matter how obsessed i am with kpop, msian ppl is still num 1 :p Malaysia is.. Home :)

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Best food to order at Mamak?

Roti canai? Maggie goreng mamak? I can't decideeee. Msian food too awesome la ><

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You're stranded on an island.And you have one person,one item and one weapon with you.Who and what are they?

I'll take Bear Grylls (the guy on that survival show since he's a pro) and nothing else! Cause he'd be carrying all the stuff anyway :p

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Best thing to do order at McDonalds?

The love child of mcD fries and oreo ice cream is the best! But i don't really eat mcD that much now...

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Favorite Green Day song?

hmmm i can't decide between Wake Me up When September Ends or.. Boulevard of Broken Dreams... :/

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Post a picture that makes you proud of your country?

my is being mean and won't let my post any pictures. FYI, I would have posted a nasi lemak photo ;)

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Thoughts on Megat?

Nice, friendly and most importantly, easy to talk to. He makes everyone around him feel comfortable :) Also, a good singer!

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have you graduated?

yup, just graduated from college. Now waiting for the next phase in life : University! :)

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Do u like this song ???

Not the type of songs i usually listen to, but its pretty cool :)

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