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JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
1. Besomorph - Six Feet Deep
"Go ahead, call me insane.
I've never been one to behave.
My goal, my pride, my devotion
I'm set in motion."
2. A perfect Circle - Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums
"Don't fret precious, I'm here.
Step away from the window, go back to sleep.
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils.
See, they don't give a fuck about you like I do.
I must isolate you.
Isolate and save you from yourself."
3. Tommee Profitt ft. Fleurie - Turns you into stone
"Gold in your eyes dancing like fire - Dreamer trapped by your desire.
Turns you into stone, the light you stole.
River turns to dust, miles on the run.
Everywhere you go, can't find no home.
All the world you roam turns you into stone."
4. Two Feet - Think I’m Crazy
"I think I'm crazy, lately
Everything is hazy
Everything and anything I ever wanna do
I think I'm crazy, lately
Feeling like I'm faded
Everywhere I go
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh."
5. Sam Tinnesz ft. Zayde Wolf - Man or a Monster
"When you close your eyes what do you see?
Do you hold the light or is darkness underneath?
In your hands there's a touch that can heal
But in those same hands is there the power to kill.
It's so hard to tell which side you're on.
One day is Hell, the next day is the dawn.
The lines are blurred."

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Mir wäre mehr dran gelegen den Apfel abzugeben und genüsslich dabei zuzusehen, wie er seinen Dienst verrichtet.

KC_NBL’s Profile Photoℭąşℯվ ╄━✧ Ռσɓℓℯ
Well, meine pure Anwesenheit färbt sich offensichtlich gut auf deine Abgründe als Mensch ab.
Vielleicht gönn ich mir ja einen Mensch mehr auf den Gewissen zu haben weil er zu lange mit dem Teufel gespielt hat.
Ich schwöre ich werde ein: "Ups, dieser Mensch starb unabsichtlich" auf dein Grabstein kritzeln.
Du weißt ja wo du mich findest um deiner Todessehnsucht nachzugehen.

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JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
He is powerful. And he is beautiful. A King of exile. God's greatest and deadliest creation. The most powerful outcast to ever walk this earth.
Simply a coldhearted bastard.
But behind his cold facade lies a lonely man. And he has been walking on the edge of insanity for centuries.
Desperately trying to save his soul.
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