Ask @Naughty_Chorra:

Men are to be blamed. Itney chutiya hotey hai, i was fully covered, abaya waghaira pehna wa tha, no makeup, infact soyi wi uth kay gayi thi. Par us jagaah rush tha aur is rush ki wajah sey larkey najaoz faida utha rahe they, 3-4. Larko ne mujhe chaera. Ab batao kiska kusoor hai ismai?

I didn't said that women are to be blamed wholly, I said women should be cautious and be alert when traveling alone. If somebody did wrong to you than it's your right kick his ass, but that doesn't mean that every men is uneducated and bad.

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Hum nangy sir ghumny waliii Betiii ko to sharmindagi ka baaa is samajhty hen.. magar us lrki ko dekhny waly bety ko kuch nahi kehty .. Q????

That's because the society in which we live in, man is superior to women. Do you know why Islam guides and direct women to cover themselves properly ? That is because if women cover themselves properly, no man would look upon them with bad sight. If girl would roam around wearing clothes in which their body parts becomes visible than as a natural phenomenon, every man will show there lust to them. Don't wholly solely blame men for this.

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