Ask @NaumanZafar:

Do you believe everything happens for a reason or do you just find reasons after things happen?

Yes everything happen for a reason because our life is planned by Allah and he is the best planner so we just need to believe in him and do what looks right to us. This world is created for a reason and everyone knows different reason but the point is we live in this world and die it's a fact that is stated by Allah. When we believe in this universe for example stars, galaxy,Sun and moon these are the signs from Allah for wise people those can understand the one power behind this perfect system . Similarly everything is planned by Allah in human's life and there is a reason that we all need to believe if they believe that this universe have created for human to worship god.

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How do you relieve stress?

Why so weirdo_
Everyone suffers from mental stress every now and then although you have to find something that relieves your stress by yourself
Also I would recommend what I follow take a break from whatever you are working on take a deep breath close your eyes and think positive things that happened in your life or may happen to you imagine yourself in places you want to be, the one you want to be with, the life you want to have and things you want to own get out of comparing yourself with other people it’s of no use don’t get jealous of someone’s achievement everybody can’t be on same level.
Learn to stay happy with what you have and if you can’t either work for it or don’t care at all there is no point to worry for a thing that you can’t have. Treat yourself like a King. Keep your expectations always low whether from people or from anything that comes in your life.
PS- I’m not suggesting you to be selfish but start to care about yourself more help yourself before helping others.
Hope it helps. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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How do you deal with disappointment?

It really depends what kind of disappointment. It can be that you expected something, and that did not happen. Then you need to ask the question why? Can you still make it happen? If yes, and it is important for you, you need to work on it.
It can be that somebody disappointed you. Again, you need to analyze why? If some circumstantial reasons, then you probably need to forgive. If character fault, then you ask yourself if you still want to deal with that person in the future.

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May Allah bring you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity on this blessed occasion. Wishing you and your family on this happy occasion of Eid! Eid Mubarak!♥ Stay happy and blessed.🌸

This Eid please be a little kind. Don't pinpoint anyone's insecurities. Don't ask what's wrong with their face. Don't ask why do they have so many pimples on their face. Don't ask why have they become so fat/weak. Let's not remind them of their struggles on this beautiful festive

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