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All forms of assesment disadvantage different university students - presentations disadvantage the anxious, essays those with ADHD etc. Other than "abolish uni" what do you think can make assesment more equitable?

OttomanScribe’s Profile PhotoWill
I haven't really though about this before, so my take will be cold and/or bad.
I guess the options would be to find new assessments that don't have these issues, eliminate the issues in existing assessments, or just control for them. I don't know how to actually achieve any of those things though.
I guess as a starting point, defining what exactly you're trying to assess is important. Is it just knowledge? If so, can you offer multiple assessment formats to suit different students, that still provide a fair comparative assessment of the relevant knowledge. (Is the need for comparative assessment part of the overall problem? Would we serve students better without it?)
If you're trying to assess a competency like report-writing, can that be broadened to "communication" to allow for a variety of formats/styles?
I guess things get progressively more expensive, but if you had an expert assessor who engaged with the students to assess them more dynamically one-on-one, you might overcome some of these issues. It introduces a whole lot of new issues though with subjectivity/corruption/abuse.
As for controlling for the inequity, I guess there would need to be a control assessment (or series of them) in each format with a students own choice of content, to assess their competency in each assessment type and derive a sort of handicap for each. That'd be an easy system to exploit though. Maybe analysis of historical performance by assessment type could be an indicator, but people do change over time.
I guess like accessibility in general, the key is to have options to cater for people's differing needs. There's a cost associated with that, but it's one we have a moral obligation to pay.

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Are you usually the older or younger partner in your current or past relationships? What's the biggest age gap you've had?

I have always been older than my partner in my current and past romantic relationship. The biggest age gap has been about 5.5 months. Also the smallest.
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Can you spell it out why it's OK to punch a nazi?

For this purpose I'm defining a nazi as a fascist (concerned with social order and purity enforced by a central authority) who considers certain identities (eg. based on race/religion/ability/sexuality) to be inherently inferior and believes them to have fewer/lesser rights. The logical conclusion of this mindset is some form of ethnic cleansing, forced sterilisation and industrial-scale murder.
With that being said, of course you fucking punch them. It's that or kill them later, after they've taken control and started the atrocities. Punching them is the lesser evil by many orders of magnitude. And much easier.
"But why can't we talk them out of it rather than resorting to violence?"
You can't. That's why Trump is the US president, being reasonable doesn't work unless both parties are being reasonable. That was hard for me to swallow too, as I'll always prefer reasoning over violence. This isn't about reasoning though, it's about values. Nazis are evil, their views and agenda are evil. Being evil isn't illogical (necessarily), it's wrong. Logic can be easily twisted to fit your values. A punch in the face is a punch in the face. It's what the bastards deserve.
See also http://thoughtsonthedead.com/on-the-propriety-of-punching-nazis-an-faq/

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What was the most useful thing you had when yo baby was born. My sis is expecting(!), and it's almost xmas.

OlympusMonds’s Profile PhotoOlympusMonds
I can't top the answer from @happyhaps (http://ask.fm/happyhaps/answers/139471230253) so I'll add a couple of books that I think changed our perspective a whole lot. Not sure if that'd be your sister's jam or not - this stuff is very individual and there's an ocean of conflicting info out there. @happyhaps did a bigger better post on books a while ago that included both of these.
The first book is Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent (https://www.amazon.com/Our-Babies-Ourselves-Biology-Culture/dp/0385483627/). It provides a broad, objective view of the way people raise babies all over the world. We do a lot of weird stuff in the western world for cultural reasons. I think this helped set us on a path that was simpler than we would have taken otherwise, and it's served us well so far.
The other one is the Big Book of Birth, which really reduced our anxiety about birth in particular. Not a lot of longevity for this book after the birth, but it can improve your state of mind a lot in the lead-up to it I think. (https://www.amazon.com/Big-Book-Birth-Erica-Lyon/dp/0452287685).
Congrats and best of luck to your sis :)

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ty for taking the time to explain to me nicely. i DO think that but. i do think that some men will always be assholes but women should never tolerate it. or did. i need to think about it. maybe this is a lightbulb moment? youre good at this. i will read everything again

That's great to hear, I hope this whole conversation turns out to be a positive experience for you. I find those moments are always uncomfortable but leave you in a better place. It takes integrity to lean into it like that. Best of luck.

ok, men shouldnt be assholes. i agree. but women should be more discerning about who they date and what sort of behaviour they will accept. do you agree? or do you think their behaviour doesnt deserve any criticism?

Notice how less than 25% of your question is about men, even though their behavior is the problem? Is there an underlying assumption you're making that we can't control the behaviour of men, but we can control women? That is, some men will always be assholes but women should never tolerate it?
Maybe consider how that assumption might affect the way you engage in relationships.
Men's attitudes (and how to change them) are what we should be discussing here, if you want to actually help anyone. Otherwise you're just scapegoating women (because that's what patriarchy teaches us to do).

how did you get RSI? please say it was from wanking :D

I wish it was that simple, but alas no.
There are a few primary factors, based on what I've pieced together over the past 5 years:
- I'm hypermobile (undiagnosed), meaning my joints are looser than normal. This affects my posture and means my joints don't work as smoothly as they should, causing increased wear and added strain on the muscles that stabilise each joint.
- My poor posture means I carry a lot of muscle tension in my shoulders, which in turn aggravates the nerves (from vertebrae C6 or C7 I think) that go into my arms, causing referred pain in my wrists.
- The nerve irritation causes the nerves in my arms to excrete a substance (typically a response to damage) which makes my muscles get tight/knotted more easily. This showed up as an 'edema' on an MRI, meaning the tissue was swamped with fluid.
- The knotted muscles in my forearms require regular massage or the tension combined with repetitive movements and low range of motion (if I'm not doing stretches) pull my wrist out of whack causing a different kind of wrist pain and affecting my dexterity.
I can avoid the nerve pain in my wrists (which isn't severe, just makes it hard to work) by maintaining good posture (which I find very difficult). The muscle tension can be managed with stretches and regular (costly) massage.
The most recent addition to the party is joint inflammation in the 2nd knuckle of my right index finger. I have to be careful not to strain it (eg. by massaging my arms) and do most mouse work with my left hand, or it flares up and I can't do much with it for a while (days, or weeks). This is primarily what has killed gaming as a regular pastime for me. I can't do long sessions at the computer and I have to take regular breaks at work. I suspect it's irreversible and the others will follow, but it does seem less frequent if I keep the forearm muscles from getting too tight.
That's more or less the run-down of what I broadly refer to as "my RSI".

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Do you enjoy writing by hand (as opposed to typing)?

Hells no. My RSI means typing is hard enough, but handwriting is quickly painful. My hand & arm muscles get crampy very easily, and my knuckles are starting to go bad.
I can appreciate the benefits of handwriting and I still carry a notebook at work for freeform note-taking, but I always prefer typing.
I've always been bad at handwriting. I had to practice at lunchtimes for a while in primary/elementary school. I got special consideration for my final high school exams, so that I could complete them on a laptop. That was about pain/discomfort rather than my writing being messy. But damn is it messy.

Speaking of Twitter, what do you think of Notch's accelerated descent into MRA madness?

OlympusMonds’s Profile PhotoOlympusMonds
I don't know, it'd all be pure speculation on my part as I never knew him and his lived experience is extremely far from my own. So here's some bad and wrong speculation:
I think he was ill-equipped to handle his rise to fame and the stress/complexity that came with it (he's more or less said that himself). Part of that was he couldn't handle the inevitable hate-waves, the way an asshole like Garry Newman can. Maybe because he wanted to be the good guy but couldn't find a way to do it.
Maybe all the nastiness he copped (whenever some dickhead didn't like something to do with Minecraft), and the fact that he sold out to Microsoft in the end (disappointing a lot of people [including me]) messed with his identity a bit. His value set had to change, and he gravitated towards entitled MRA fuckboy.
It's just as (or more) likely that being rich has just disconnected him from reality and the need to pay heed to criticism. Maybe he got into a bitter spiral of pushing away people who care about him because they had needs, or tried to curb his excesses, and is now left with only shallow acquaintances. Privilege + loneliness seems like a recipe for MRA bullshit. Blame the world because no one wants you, when you expect not to have to compromise on anything ever.
I'm sad for him, but regardless there's no excuse for that shit.
This has been ignorant and inappropriate speculation with Neb.

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How are you feeling about the election? You seemed down on Twitter.

OlympusMonds’s Profile PhotoOlympusMonds
Pretty down about it. There are good aspects and bad aspects so far, but I'm always disappointed to let go of the actual good outcome my idealist brain clings on to.
We could have saved a lot of people from needless suffering. We could have started doing our part to save the climate. We could have taken the government back for the people, to some degree.
Turns out 90% of people won't vote Greens for those things even if they do want them, instead most will vote for one of the majors and then whinge about the continuing shitty outcomes.
To be clear, I don't think people are stupid, I think they're trapped in a false dichotomy and are constantly fed bullshit from every direction. Most people have different values than me, but I think a lot of them want broadly similar outcomes for the country/world. They're just not equipped with the information to leverage their vote towards those outcomes.
The other depressing part, I guess, is that I didn't do more to try changing all that. Greens had zero representation at our polling place. Hopefully I can take that lesson for next time.
It's too late in a lot of ways though. Things will probably have to keep getting worse for years now.

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Whats your current music taste rn?

I made the mistake recently of listening to schmoyoho's old Auto-Tune the News series again. Despite being quite dated now, they immediately lodged into my brain as if they'd never left, and I haven't been able to dislodge them. Here's a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Psfn6iOfS8&list=PL736C3116AD309B58&index=29Nebby_99’s Video 135797657264 -Psfn6iOfS8Nebby_99’s Video 135797657264 -Psfn6iOfS8
Most of the stuff I'm into at the moment is electronica (eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7OKs-zqxXANebby_99’s Video 135797657264 t7OKs-zqxXANebby_99’s Video 135797657264 t7OKs-zqxXA) with some electroswing (eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icWbr3K9kq0Nebby_99’s Video 135797657264 icWbr3K9kq0Nebby_99’s Video 135797657264 icWbr3K9kq0).
I'm just tapering off a full-blown addiction to the soundtrack of the game Undertale (eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kJpS_xzmmgNebby_99’s Video 135797657264 7kJpS_xzmmgNebby_99’s Video 135797657264 7kJpS_xzmmg). I listened to it obsessively for a month or two, then progressed onto remixes for a while.
I also have some Weird Al and Lonely Island that I've been listening to regularly for ages. Oh and some Pentatonix.

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Nebby_99’s Video 135797657264 -Psfn6iOfS8Nebby_99’s Video 135797657264 -Psfn6iOfS8

Omg, I got a great answer and a pic too! I asked yr brother a q once and he was mean to me :/ Thanks for not making fun of my spelling,"petspective" *cringe* but do u have a pet who could give me their perspective too now that I think about it? Maybe they felt left out?

Haha, try not to let my bro's abrasive style discourage you, it's not aimed at you personally.
I tend to view spelling and grammar pedantry as intellectual elitism these days, so I leave it alone if the intended meaning is clear.
We have pet chickens - they probably receive less attention these days, but they've been good about it. They were pretty confused about the baby at first but now they've settled into a relationship of occasionally being chased around the yard by him.
Pictured: First chicken encounter vs recent chicken encounter
Omg I got a great answer and a pic too I asked yr brother a q once and he was

I would like to hear things from your petspective if ur willing to share. How did u come to love yr baby?

Sure. It's a complicated thing to express. I remember early on in the pregnancy the uncertainty around it all drowned out any other emotional response for the most part. It was exciting and terrifying.
Hearing the heartbeat was a pretty big thing to me. I didn't really expect it, but it was the first perceptible sign of life (I think we'd had an ultrasound by then but it was pretty unclear and kind of alien). I was a bit awestruck and giddy when I heard it. It still wasn't like love though, because it still didn't seem like a person. It made the process more real and helped me envision the outcome.
I think I initially started caring a lot about it as an investment more than feeling an emotional bond. You're already dealing with the cost and risk and stress, but the upside is all speculative. Haps slogged through the first trimester and if something had gone horribly wrong at that point, I think I would have been upset at the massive wasted effort and trauma more than having lost a hypothetical person (I could be wrong).
As we got later in the pregnancy, there was a growing sense for me that I had a lot of love to give the person once I met them. I don't think it's the same as actually having a bond but the line probably got blurry sometimes. I'm sure I personified the foetus sometimes, and was excited when I poked at him and seemed to get a reaction. It got close to seeming like a person towards the end, albeit one that couldn't be directly observed.
When he arrived I was instantly super protective and nurturing, which was a powerful connection. We didn't really know each other yet, but I was absolutely committed to building a relationship. As we spent heaps of time together and got to know each other (which is still an ongoing process really) I got to love him a lot as a person. The relationship is constantly evolving as he grows and changes (and his life-world does too) but it stays strong.
Pictured: Tiny baby, strong feels.

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I would like to hear things from your petspective if ur willing to share How did


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