What is Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership http://neildhillonus.tumblr.com/ is when leaders who possess expertise in a specific field offer informed opinions. Thought leaders are considered trusted sources in their field and provide innovative ideas that inspire people. When these ideas translate into reality, it is a major success. Thought leaders are changing the world in a wide range of meaningful ways by engaging others to join in. Through their work, thought leaders bring about revolutionary advancements in their fields.
They create a blueprint for others to follow which includes a method, https://www.academia.edu/10008367/Neil_Dhillon_A_Professional_Lobbyist process and even guidelines. By creating a foundation for a movement, others who follow can continue to build upon their success. By http://www.yelp.com/biz/neil-dhillon-washington being an authority in a specific field, thought leaders have an opportunity to contribute and educate others in a target audience by using their unique perspectives to raise questions and offer answers to them. This grabs the attention of others who can then learn and respond.

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About Neil Dhillon:

Neil Dhillon is a 30 year political strategist, lobbyist, and adviser. Well known for his work with Bill Clinton and Congressman Bob Matsui, he works today as a freelance lobbyist and consultant. He spent a great amount of his career working in the spotlight, and uses his skill sets to consult.

Washington, D.C.