How Has Neil Dhillon Served as a Lobbyist?

After graduating from The American University in Washington, DC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Neil Dhillon spent nearly three decades working in the political world of Washington, DC. More on that here:
His success in politics is best exemplified when he was singled out by President Bill Clinton as a top political appointee in a special White House ceremony. After his service at the White House, he became a lobbyist. With his background in politics and experience at the White House, he is able to offer insight into the legislative and policy making process. This link goes in depth
Currently, he works as a lobbyist for NA Consulting Services. He is also a Global Public Affairs Professional who manages the public policies and government relations of many Fortune 500 companies among others. With extensive experience in both state and national politics, he is able to offer expert insight into reform and the legislative process. He also has the ability to influence policy leaders with his unique understanding of public opinion. An extensive list of articles about Neil Dhillon can be found at

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