What Are Tips for Better Communication?

Neil Dhillon, http://neildhillon1.weebly.com/ an experienced and skilled adviser and communicator, offers important tips on better communication:
• Be Clear - Clarity is important to get across who you are and where you are coming from. This will likely help you obtain better results.
• Consistency - https://www.linkedin.com/in/neildhillon When you are making a concerted effort to establish and maintain a professional relationship, be consistent in your message and deliverables.
• Be Succinct – It is crucial to keep both written and verbal communication succinct, including on subject and on point.
When you maintain good communication in your professional relationships, http://neildhillon.blogspot.com/ you will find it to be highly rewarding and enriching. Proper communication gives you the ability to both cultivate and maintain professional relationships in the workplace, in a public speaking setting and in a variety of professional careers. He believes that communication is a powerful tool and probably the most important aspect of any relationship building and maintenance a professional will perform.

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About Neil Dhillon:

Neil Dhillon is a 30 year political strategist, lobbyist, and adviser. Well known for his work with Bill Clinton and Congressman Bob Matsui, he works today as a freelance lobbyist and consultant. He spent a great amount of his career working in the spotlight, and uses his skill sets to consult.

Washington, D.C.