Ask @NethaniaC_:

Do you believe in destiny? What's yours?

It's not everyday that you'll get meaningful questions on askfm so here we go.
I do believe in destiny but I can't exactly decide what's mine. I set my goals high and I aim high too, but you never know what life has to offer you for the very next day. Let's say, I've been trying to improve myself. I started to get out of my comfort zone and I've been intrigued by something new every single day. By doing so, I've met a lot of people who share the same interests as I do, proffesional and well-trained people who are going through the process with me and I believe that someday I will truly know and meet my destiny when I reach it.

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“Aku takut kehilangan seseorang yang bahkan tidak pernah takut kehilanganku.”

Sadly, it's always been that way ever since.
The planets and the sun don't revolve around you, we fall in love with the people we can't have.
How great it is to love someone who, someday, will love you back? How deeper would you fall? How scared would you be to be losing them? again?

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