Ask @NextPlayerUp:

Worst case you don't launch - what then?

I think you mean the worst case is our Kickstarter is not funded - and with 30 hours to go and over $6,000 to raise it doesn't look promising.
But we are going to launch the website. It's something we believe in, and I hope you got that message from our video because that was our intent in releasing it.
So - here's the proposed schedule if we do not receive the funding:
Mid-April: Very soft launch of an alpha version of the site. Allows registration, login, password recovery, find other gamers, following other gamers, game ratings.
Mid-May - June: Beta version of the site to include our own journalism, player-created journalism, features involving liking & disliking individual pieces of content, custom rating system implemented. This is also a head hunter phase where we try to track down some people who would like to commit articles on the regular for us.
July: Full blown Next Player Up we hope!
So what you can take away from this, I hope, is that we are launching the site. This will come to fruition. The only combatant here is time, budget, and willingness of the community. It will eventually sync. We love games and we love data (we are nerds! run!).

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How is the 6500 dollars going to help you and what will happen if you don't reach it

We've funded everything but it's been slow using our free-time and savings. We're asking for this money to (1) afford to take some time off and dedicate ourselves to finishing the remaining features of the site (2) pre-pay for appropriate hosting with capability to expand and handle more traffic (3) bring in someone with editorial experience to lead content generation from the community (4) investigate expanding to a mobile app that has other features gamers would find exciting. If there is any money left over, we'll use it to cover gaming events this year.

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