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Nick Jonas
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hi nick c: how are u? xx


Im doin' good and uu? =]

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Hey baby :)


Hey cutie ;)

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Can you say 'Volim te'? That means 'I love you' on Croatian:)

Volim te

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do you know something in italian? :)


Ti amoooo =]

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%100 REAL ! DON'T FAKE !

Real Accounts (✔)

Thanks you !! =]

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Happy Birthday :)) Love you xoxo

Thank u and Love u too =]

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Happy Birthday :D I love i hope you like your day :D

I'm a fucking panda *-*

Thanks =]

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Mili †

The Wanted

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Happy birthday :)

аница :-)

Thanks u =]

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awn, baby my 20 year old, happened as fast, I remember like it was yesterday the first time I watched Camp Rock, and fell in love with a little boy with curly hair and the face of a baby, in that you had your 15 year old, that ai longing of his 15 years and proud of their 20! Happy Birthday baby


Omg, Thank you so much =] You just put a huge smile on my face =] Thanks again. I love u

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Nick, hey, happy b-day! I love you so much... you are everything to me, really! I love you with like my life... Happy Birthday

Thalize D

Thank you so much =]I love u

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Happy Birthday <3 :)

Thank you so much =]

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Can I marry you??

Mary Here!

of course ;)

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Hi Nick :) i don't know if you're online or what, anyway i love you.. x

Nicla Calabrò

Love u 2

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Where're you? :(

Nicla Calabrò

Right here ;)

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heyy :) lady gaga or madona?

Lady Gaga

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I love you Nick!!!!!! <3 :)

Daniela Zgm

love ya 2

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Hello you are real nick jonas? :))) i love you

Cam ♡

yuuuuuup i am

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come to TURKEY ??

someday =]

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