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Do you look at a persons eyes even when yours are welling up with tears?

No because I can’t see, the tears are obstructing my vision

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What does it mean when your partner never takes pictures with you? Or never uploads pictures of you/with you?

It means you’re a ghost and no one can see you

Yes or no should i dump my bf because he won't grow a beard?

He may not grow a beard but hopefully he grows a conscience and dumps you for someone who has reasonable standards

Can you help me? I might k*** myself

May I suggest a mirror or a self portrait, i feel like that would make self make-outs much easier

Is it bad my boyfriend said he could find someone better then me but he has his heart set on me

Rumple_stillyyy’s Profile PhotoHeyla Patootie
I think he means he plans on donating his heart to you after he dies alone

Would it be weird to go to the movies alone

osc10q11’s Profile Photoosc10q11
That would mean either you broke in after closing hours or they forget to check if the place was empty beforehand so probably

If you were offered the chance to feel happy all of the time, would you take it?

savlolo’s Profile Photosavlolo
No I hate being happy and fun I wanna be miserable forever

Kinda need someone on top of me rn

I hope you can support the weight of all that guilt inside of you for your indecency

Is it weird to have a dream about having sex with someone?

It’s weird to have a dream whilst having sex with someone. That’s one step away from necrophilia

Facts: Squidward is an Octopus 🐙 not a squid 🦑….😬

Facts: his octopus dick is long enough to penetrate your colon and come out through your mouth hole


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