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What is the last thing you do before bed?

Chester may you Rip❤️ you will always be in our hearts forever. No one will ever forget you. You're a legend and will always be. I woke up to this and I've been so heartbroken and terrified to hear this happened 💔😔 Heaven is gained just another beautiful human. Another angel. I remember when my mom would always play linkin park in the car when I was a little girl and I would sing along and dance. I've been a die hard fan since day 1. You've helped me through so much pain and sadness. I grew up with you guys. You're my hero. I've literally been obsessed with linkin park since forever and yea I listen to you guys everyday. You're an inspiration to many 💕 I'm just so devastated 💔 you will be remembered. I will keep your legacy. Your music will continue to make us all happy and help us through hard times. Don't forget that. We love you very much! You're in a better place now. An angel in heaven. Chester Bennington 💔😔 1976 - 2017 always in our hearts❤️ forever.

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