are u in a long distance again

long distance?🤔

long distance relationships

I don’t do long distance my friend
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I have a good feeling. I go off my intuition

I just don’t think he will tbh 🙃

Stop doubting. Close mouth don’t get fed. 🤐

well why doesn’t he call me lol

Cause he’s probably blocked like me. Luley did that to me. If Luley unblocks me then I can call her.

no he’s not blocked. We’ve been text messaging each other so obviously he knows he’s not blocked.

So if I call Luley right now would I be unblocked 😯😬😂

You can’t call someone if you’re blocked

I figure but I thought she would of unblock by now. Advice if someone that you feel you have something with blocks you everywhere.... what would you do ?

I would just move on tbh and forget them

But really tho ... Meet with Anthony I have a good feeling about it and believe you guys will be very happy together.

well I don’t know if that’s gonna happen anymore

You stay around negativeity nothing ever gonna happen. I could of easily went in on some people on this app but I ain’t finna waste my energy on bs. And I respect someone who used to be on this app. I thought she was afflicted with some so I bit my tongue. But I finna get off this app too soon

I should leave this app tbh oof

Bye why don’t know you if your are going to meet with Anthony or not ?

I really don’t know. We’ve planned to twice it never happened so

How’d you guys plan? And what were 2 events that y’all missed?

lmao we planned to meet but that never happened.

It’s not to late 😁. Hit him up

yeah well he never texted me yesterday so

Sounds like your unsure what you want

I am but he’s definitely not

What are you seeking from him ? A relationship or marriage ?

eh I don’t even know anymore tbh

You sound like your confused. Follow your intuition and make your judgement off dat.

I’m not confused I’m just done tbh

Oh k just an advice. Never reply when your angry. Never make a promise when you are happy. Never make a decision when you are sad.

believe me I know that.

And would it be smart to get off this app now ?

yes I should tbh

You should ?

I should leave this app tbh it’s lame

Pardon I was asking, if the decision you made about Anthony a response from holla to me ? And if so, is she for real on this decision?

oof what are you talking about?