Ask @Nighttimecatplayer:

Aside from all things pumpkin spiced, what is the one thing, if any, you enjoy about the autumn season?

There's no bugs, the leaves start to turn into much prettier colors, it's the perfect season to dress lazily and wear all of your sweaters, there's a lot lesser chance of storms, autumn always contains the best Holiday within the entire year, the days start to grow shorter so you get more sleep and the stars come out much quicker, the parks are never jam packed full of people and there's always a gentle light breeze, you can carve pumpkins and pick them out fresh at a pumpkin patch, and it's the perfect time for making camp fires and roasting marshmallows and cooking smores.

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Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?

I personally believe in a lot of things dearie but after all the things that I've seen and experienced I truly do believe that everyone on earth has a soulmate somewhere out there waiting for them.
The definition of soulmate might vary from person to person, and a soulmate doesn't always have to be someone that you want to hold and kiss deeply within your arms.
A soulmate can always be a friend that you've bonded with on a deep emotional level or a soulmate might be a pet that you've connected with and you never want to let them go despite what everyone else tells you otherwise.
Even though most might think a soulmate refers to a lover a soulmate has no true shape or form and we all have people who we were destined to be with even if some might not have found them yet.

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Hello dearies! Although I'm probably sure a lot of you have been wondering where I've been these past few months, I wanted to go ahead and take my time to personally ensure every single one of you that I'm perfectly fine.
I've been extremely busy lately with some upcoming challenges and hardships, and I haven't had much time to answer any questions or interact with the fans.

I wanted to promise every single one of you that I'll return to answering questions soon, and hopefully we can get everyone together like old times and all talk and laugh like we used to do.
I still check fandom related activities as much as I possibly can with my spare time, but for some unfortunate reason, most of the content that you all have been producing hasn’t been getting through to my computer.
For example, there’s certain blogs where I can’t see any postings from over a year ago even though the blog itself is currently active.
I’m not sure as to why I can’t see any of your lovely creations, but know that if I saw them I would have loved every single one of them.
I adore every single one of you, and I couldn’t have been happier to be part of such a lovely fandom. You’re all such lovely amazing people, and every day the community finds new ways to still surprise me and make me smile.
I wouldn’t have ever imagined that anyone would even remember my name, and the fact that there’s so many lovely dearies that can find even a little bit of joy out of my presence makes me smile more than anything else within this world.
Being a part of such an amazing fandom was always one of my biggest dreams, and you’ve all helped me achieve it with your kind words, and comforting mindsets.
I deeply hope that none of you are upset due to my absence within the community, and I can ensure you that no matter what happens, I’ll always return to you dearies in the end.
I hope you’ve all had a very safe and warm Holidays, and if you didn’t get to celebrate it with loved ones, I wanted to wish every single one of you a very Merry and white Christmas.
If there’s ever anything that any of you dearies might need, please don’t be afraid to come to me and ask. I love getting to talk with every single one of you, and I wouldn’t be afraid to pull some strings if you ever needed any help.
Times have been tough lately for a lot of people, but we’re all going to get through this together as a family because we're all tougher.
Never forget that you’re all very beautiful and talented young individuals, and if you ever think that you don’t have a place within this world, never forget that you gave me one in mine.
I hope you’ve all found what you’ve been looking for this wintry season, and I hope that you’ve all been safe during these hard times. I wish you all a Merry white Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all start off with.
I miss every single one of you dearies, and my love for this fandom and all of you will never die out.
~Stay purrfect!

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