Ask @Nihal_khan:

What does it mean to be a good citizen on the Internet?

Be safe.Being safe online is a whole topic in itself, much different from being a good digital citizen—and with much different ramifications. It’s crucial not divulge any personal information, passwords, addresses, etc. with someone you don’t know. For more detailed information on Internet safety tips, read our blog post aboutkeeping kids safe online.

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Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Everyone is different, and we all have different sleeping patterns. When it comes to sleeping and waking however, there are two distinct chronotypes – commonly referred to as early birds (also called larks) and night owls.
Benjamin Franklin is famous for being an early riser, and he even prescribed his bedtime ritual for people that were lacking motivation. However, contrary to what Ben Franklin thought, night owls can be just as motivated and successful as early birds.

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What is your favorite source of outdoor entertainment?

talking about my favorite products of entertainment industry, I would like to say a little about my lifestyle. My working days are quite busy, and the weekends also refuse to give me some time to rest, so I am always happy about some spare time. My only problem is that I try to spend my leisure time 'reasonably': reading books or gaining knowledge from Global Web, and more rarely - meeting friends and visiting clubs, discos and parties

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Do you believe that global peace is attainable?

Yes, It could be possible
War and violence is the lazy answer to complex questions. Yes, Everyone will always have differing opinions, But with an increase of education in all areas, We can teach how to solve these problems using diplomacy as opposed to senseless brutality. When the world stops turning to war, War will end. If the world's people start to value human life above one man's ambition and power, Then we will stop fighting wars that only benefit people of power. This happening is very unlikely, I understand, But the question is not will we obtain world peace, The question is do I believe world peace is obtainable. And yes, With enough effort, It is.

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