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Tagesfrage #warum steigen die Zahlen wegen dem corona Virus obwohl fast alles zu hat? Glaubst du das die Zahlen nicht echt sind oder hast du eine andere Erklärung?♡

austriawienbarbie23’s Profile PhotoMama_von_7_wunder♡
Ich halte mich mit meiner Meinung eigentlich immer zurück, weil ich nicht wirklicht lust habe auf eine Diskussion. Für mich zeigen die Zahlen das man sich nicht im Restaurant oder in Geschäften ansteckt. Nur finde ich auch keine Antwort WO sich alle anstecken....generell könnten es doch alle ruhig mal ein paar Wochen sein lassen zu reisen. Wenn ich diese ganzen Influencer & Co. in Dubai sehe wird mir schlecht. In Bahnen haben viele die Masken unter der Nase oder selbst bei mir auf der Arbeit kommen einfach welche reingestürmt ohne Maske. Wenn man sie drauß anspricht "oh vergessen."...als ob es die Pandemie erst seit letzter Woche gibt. Aber mir ist das auch mittlerweile egal. Ich möchte nur schnell wieder Normalität :-(

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Tagesfrage warum steigen die Zahlen wegen dem corona Virus obwohl fast alles zu

Tagesfrage #Loslassen, Neuanfang. Wie schwer fällt Euch das?♡

austriawienbarbie23’s Profile PhotoMama_von_7_wunder♡
Ich bin ein mittelmaß, behaupte ich mal. Großer Fan von Veränderungen bin ich gar nicht....Veränderungen sind aber oftmals echt nötig. Kommt drauf an was genau sich verändern soll. Wenn es der Wohnort ist, oh gott nein. Aber wenn es der Jobwechsel ist, gerne. Ich habe einen sogenannten "Neuanfang" auch geplant, wenn ich ausgezogen bin. Mich umhüllen zu viele negative Punkte und da muss ich schleunigst weg!

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Tagesfrage Loslassen Neuanfang Wie schwer fällt Euch das

Tagesfrage #Hast du Vorsätze für 2021? Wenn ja, welche? Wenn nein, warum nicht?♡

austriawienbarbie23’s Profile PhotoMama_von_7_wunder♡
Ja und nein 😂 also mein größtes Ziel ist weiterhin der Auszug aus dem Elternhaus (mittlerweile bin ich auch echt zu alt, also eilt es). Dann meine Abschlussprüfungen schaffen. Das wir bis wahrscheinlich Februar keine Schule haben, macht es umso schwerer. Ich sag's mal vereinfacht: meinen Frieden finden ⭐

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Tagesfrage Hast du Vorsätze für 2021 Wenn ja welche Wenn nein warum nicht

When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?

I can answer that very precisely because I know that I will have it soon! 😃
What would I do? I would clean my nice apartment and keep it neat. No more worrying and no longer justifying myself. If I had a balcony, I would plant flowers and grow something myself. Invite my loved ones to me and meet them without worry. Go shopping or just be there for someone. Besides I would be happier and more relaxed and get hope again in my current path. I would go to work with more motivation and look forward to coming to my beautiful home afterwards. I would have the more courage to find out who I am and would be even stronger than I am now! ....

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When you imagine yourself as really really relaxed and happy what are you doing

If you were an actor, would you rather perform as a theater or movie actor?

A movie actress! 😊
One of my wishes would be to be an actress! I would also be happy in my home country, because I am not yet able to speak English well and would be unsure. Anyway I see myself in a creative profession. At the moment I'm doing the opposite. Either actress or something with animals/the environment. Only this is very difficult here and the requirements are very high....
I also know that it won't work if I apply to an acting school or something like that, as I said, I don't have the qualifications. But if´s my future, then the way will find me! No matter what topic. My time will come❤️

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If you were an actor would you rather perform as a theater or movie actor

Do you agree that nobody goes through more shit in life than a person with a good heart?

Yes, because it's the case with me right now! 😞
I have now got more health problems. I'm no longer surprised, but I have to look now that I accept it and see how I can handle it.... I am a nice person and don´t do anything forbidden, nevertheless I am punished again and again and I wonder why! But I keep going and have to find my way. It is an obstacle, but I have no choice but to go forward. I wish all others good luck too! 🍀

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Do you agree that nobody goes through more shit in life than a person with a

What qualities do you think are necessary to having a successful career path?

That is a difficult question. If you want something, you will succeed. You need courage for that. In addition, you should always be friendly and respectful. Do not worry what others think and go your own way. Because then your story begins! ❤️
I know it very well if you choose something you don´t like. And if you take longer to find the right one for you, then that's okay and there's nothing wrong with that. Don´t forget that!

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What qualities do you think are necessary to having a successful career path

How do you like to start your morning?

The most important: wake up without an alarm clock! :-D
Then first wash with water and start to wake up. I need longer for that . I don´t really have a routine, except for a bit of facial care.
When I have to work it's all a bit colder. I don´t know, but the sooner I have to get up, the colder I get in the morning. So first cuddle in my bathrobe. Then every morning I buy the same from the baker. I want to get used to making bread myself and taking it from home. As soon as I arrive at work the business mails are read first. My morning is not really relaxing yet, because at the moment I have a lot of stress and I am in the middle of everything. I just know that it will be better as soon as I have separated from negative things and can write my own story. But until then: be nice :-)

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How do you like to start your morning

Loré's QOTD: Autumn vibes! 🍂☕️ • Say "Fall" or "Autumn"? Halloween or Thanksgiving? Favorite fall drink? Favorite autumn dessert? Favorite autumn scent? Favorite places to visit during the fall? Favorite fall color? Favorite thing about this season? Favorite fall article of clothing?

xLonelySoulXx’s Profile PhotoLoréleï.
Fall or Autumn?
► Autumn! :D
Halloween or Thanksgiving?
► we have here no thanksgiving, so Halloween!
Favorite fall drink?
► I don´t drink anything else than before. Probably my fruit tea ☕️
Favorite autumn dessert?
► The same as with the drink. In the meantime Christmas things have been available for some weeks now.
Favorite autumn scent?
► Herbs! :D
Favorite place to visit during the fall?
► I don´t know, sorry ^_^
Favorite fall color?
► Dark red and brown!
Favorite thing about this season?
► Finally you can put on sweaters again and watching movies and shows comfortably with a blanket :D
Favorite fall article of clothing?
► Coats and scarves! ;-)

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Lorés QOTD Autumn vibes   Say Fall or Autumn Halloween or Thanksgiving Favorite

What makes you nervous?

Easy to answer: everything!
I don´t know if it's because of my high sensitivity, but it can really be everything. Talking to strangers, meetings with people, phoning or getting up early. I have become quite sensitive and anxious in recent years. I think it's not negative, only I have to be more careful and only do what I really want. But even with series and films I can get nervous. I always feel very much and have no fear to cry too 😂
I remember that I once said that I am open to new. It's like that, but somehow I also hate changes and when something new comes I'm always nervous.....
Sometimes I feel like I am the only person that is like that 😂

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What makes you nervous