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It was always interesting to ask. Since your creator and the creator of the Error are the same. Can you be considered brothers or not .

Well broski technically no we aren't but cause of the Momma CQ AU a lotta peeps all up see us as "blood" brothers yo. I mean I guess we're intellectual property broskis since we're both all up totes from the mind of the absoradical CrayonQueen. If ya wanna see us as brothers, dat's fine, if you don't then dat's fine too yo.

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Oh I don't care about the ship, I'm used to those. But marrying a HUMAN?!?! UNFORGIVABLE!

Brah in that universe our mom is human... remember?
[[Fresh canonically ends up as a Scientist and works on Dimensional magic studies with Decans. I haven't seen any info on what happens to Error or Geno as adults there since I don't think the s-icide is canon]]

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