Ask @Ninouh90:

Considering all the meme magic shit, being the place where the alt right was born and how all that stormfag shit has spread to every board, was 4chan a mistake? Should it have been beleted a long time ago? Is deletion still a viable option?

Nah. 4Chan's spirit can't die. The kind of individual who's drawn to that it will find more places to congregate.
Paste has been out of the tube for years and it's all dry and solid.

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What do you think of the few non white grime artists? The big ones that come to mind are Lowkey, Riz MC and the fat white guy who had a song about Damilola Taylor and played Dabs in Adulthood.

I think you meant "white" grime artist.
Skill with a mic isn't dictated by skin colour. Some can go arrf like any other black yute, some are pants. Simple

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My friend said "Rah, calling someone a rag head is like calling someone a spear chucker." at college today. What do you think of this? I figured I'd ask you since you're woke af. For context, we're both from Hillingdon, West London, he's Nigerian and I'm Bengali.

Yea rag head is a pretty shitty thing to call someone. It doesn't even sound like a playful slur, it sounds like some neo nazi type jargon.

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