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When you were in school, did you ever cheat on an exam by writing the answers on your hand or hiding a piece of paper under your test? Or do they now just have the answers saved on their phones and I’m once again showing my age??

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You're not really showing your age lol. I did maybe once or twice. Teachers confiscated phones much of the time unless they were completely oblivious or a sub handed out the test and was also quite oblivious. In that case, people would sneak their phones

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(sent on 1/15/22) how do you handle a friend who constantly complains about things but does nothing to change their situation?

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I would get annoyed and try to talk sense into them by providing evidence to the contrary. I have no patience for victim-like, whiny behavior when said person has demonstrated potential. If they were a chronic fuck-up then it wouldn't matter and if anything, I probably wouldn't be their friend in that case tbh. It might sound shitty but it's true. I got no time for that shit. There's honestly no point in constantly complaining without progression or solving the problem. It's moronic beyond comprehension and a waste of everyone's time.

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