Ask @NishatMaryam:

Boys with; 1: beard or shave? 2: white or black shirt? 3: wrist watch or without one? 4: talkative or silent? 5: black or Brown eyes? Answer honestly ✌

Asif Altaf Khokhar
God I really love beards but shave works perfect too ❤ black white both work. Wrist watch? Definitely wrist watch . Oh and ando talkative? Definitely 😁😁😁brown eyed ❤ is it okay if I go on? Long hair ♥ man buns definitely. Inked too😍 and a septum 😻😻

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You're welcome! tbvh I remembered it's your birthday as you n my younger brother share the same birth date 😀 Plus I had a reminder set up to wish you, n obviously my brother which I did.. I've never done something like this before but I felt like doing it this time so I did. Have a blast! Stay happy

Faiz Baqir Khan
Thank you so much yarrrrr ♥ I just thought I'd post this , you were the first one who wished me last night on ask 😁😁

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