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What keeps you going even when times are tough?

the little girls who send me letters and messages telling me that i'm the reason for their strength. that i helped them...even saved them. i keep going for them. i keep going so they will never give up.

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What's it feel like to perform in front of your fans? Do you still get nervous?

no, i dont get nervous anymore. I havent in a long time. I used to have such intense anxiety attacks, i wouldnt be able to breathe. but all that when I step on stage, and see the faces of people who love me...i feel home.

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What best word describes yourself?


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what has been your favorite experience about The Centerfold Tour so far? miss you babygirl.

the best part about The Centerfold Tour this far has been the meet & greets after the show. I love performing my new music for my fans, but its what comes after the concert that is much more important. Being able to meet my fans face to face, hug them and tell them how much i love and appreciate them...that's what I love most.

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Will we get new music soon?


yes, you will (;

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Why didnt you go to the MTV video music awards ?

didnt wanna

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will you be having meet and greets on this tour!? My best friend and I have been dying to meet you! Your our inspiration! 💕

Tori Myslinski

i'm going to try to do as many meet & greets in as many cities as i can!!

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What inspired you to come up with your tour name, The Centerfold Tour? I love you baby

Jade Denton

well, i wrote a song not too long ago called "Centerfold", playing off the old classic song "my angel is the centerfold", and it just made sense. People perceive me as this model anyway, so why not take advantage of that perception? And also, I view this upcoming tour as my real manifestation of me and my music. A "centerfold" displaying my musical persona, if you will.

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Who came up with the tour name?!

me, of course.

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What are you most excited for during your next tour?

meeting all my new fans, and seeing my day 1 NBK's again singing along to all my songs.

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What makes you the happiest?

creating music.

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Have you ever thought of what you would say to your soulmate in person ? What would be the first words you would say & what would you expect him to say ?

i dont believe im meant to have a soulmate.

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Who's the most important person in your life?


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What inspires you?

my fans.

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What keeps you up at night?

my pain.

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You told me once that you know heaven is real. How can you ever be so sure?

I just know.

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Why do you think they misunderstand you?

Because people see what they want to see. And they perceive their reality based on their own warped ideals and morals. They cannot comprehend what they refuse to understand. It's easier to discredit and demean something foreign and intimidating, rather than to open their minds up to the possibility of something revolutionary.

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Did you ever have any moments where you wanted to give up? how did you cope with that?

Marie Heisig

All the time. I am constantly faced with obstacles that hake my faith... It's the messages from my fans, my true supporters, who tell me how I have helped them... theyre the reason I keep going.

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What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

most people misunderstand my entire being.

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What is the happiest memory from your childhood?

Exploring this forest with my brother, my sister and my dad when I was 7 years old. We found this hidden waterfall and played in the water all afternoon. It was one of the few times my sister was in remission and was healthy enough to go out. I remember everything about that afternoon... it remains the happiest moment of my life...

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What is the one thing you did in your past you wish you could undo?

Nothing. Everything happens the way it's supposed to.

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You don't have to answer this, but I want you to read and listen. Before you became famous you just a regular girl with a guitar trying to make it somewhere. You got famous and started dressing slutty, has this made a positive impact or negative impact in your life?

"Dressing slutty"? As in, being comfortable enough in my own skin to accept and embrace my curves and show pride in my body rather than cover it up? That's slutty?

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What made you fall in love with your passion?

when i was very young, i developed a stutter which prevented me from being able to express myself vocally. So, i stopped talking. All the pain I was enduring during my childhood was so overwhelming and I had no way to communicate my thoughts and feelings, I had no outlet. So i started writing.. poetry, prose, journal entries, etc. It became my only way of survival. Putting pen to paper, and being able to express my emotions saved my life. And then when I taught myself the guitar, I was able to put my poetry to music...and then I fell in love.

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why were you at the doctors for so long today? why did you have to get so much bloodwork?

i have quite a few health issues that i've been battling since I was very young. it's just not something i'm very vocal about because I dont want people to feel bad for me, or worry my fans.

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You've done so much for my soul. You've taught me to be comfortable in my own skin and be who I am, to live life unapologetically. I just want to meet you and thank you in person but I haven't been able to get. Do you have a p.o. Box or something where I can send a letter? I just want to thank you

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