Ask @No_More_Dogma:

What are your thoughts on cheating/cheaters ?

It may be a sign of a bad relationship. We all get urges, but a satisfied partner needs not look elsewhere. It will bring shame to your partner, and they should be worth more than that. There is excitement in something new, but strength and will power are needed to maintain something that will benefit you, your partner, and most importantly, your children who'll learn their principles from their parents.

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What is your opinion on the increasing amount of Trump apologetic/supporting conservatives in the "skeptic community"? Or just in general the amount of people who just care about pwning and making fun of the other side?

The Trump thing will wear off. This happens with each shift in political power from one side to the other. We need to make sure we hold onto our values no matter who is saying what. Mine are conservative in nature, and Trump has been a let down so far.
With the "pwnage", I'm not a fan. I know it's entertaining and many like it, but there's nothing "skeptical" about it. Unless it's pwning someone with legitimate argumentation.

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I asked Devon on stream if he was going to respond to you and Mr Dapperton and he said you're a pointless scrub but honestly he is scared. Its on AIU 2

I took that down because it's senseless drama that proves no point other than he's a dick. But it made me look like a dick. Maybe on the second channel. That one is meant for the roasts and non-political stuff.

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