Ask @No_More_Dogma:

What are your thoughts on cheating/cheaters ?

It may be a sign of a bad relationship. We all get urges, but a satisfied partner needs not look elsewhere. It will bring shame to your partner, and they should be worth more than that. There is excitement in something new, but strength and will power are needed to maintain something that will benefit you, your partner, and most importantly, your children who'll learn their principles from their parents.

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What kind of music do you listen to?

90's. My theory: each era of rock has had its new technologies since the 60's. So, 60's used a lot of delay and reverb, 70's had a lot of phaser, 80's found chorus, and really good muff and distortions. Each era used and overused these. But, the 90's used all of these when applicable, didn't overuse, and also bands still wrote their own music. So, it's the last era of real music, using a multitude of different tech.

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