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Hey Nobbel! My son is six, and he loves watching me play WoW, the more "nice" parts at least. He's very much into reading, and I was actually wondering if you know of any kids books written about the Lore. He loves Thrall and the Pandaren. If there is none, I may write my own. Thanks! Ocalla

Valerie Mofford
Hiya and I don't believe there's warcraft material suited for ages 6 or below, blizzard should get on that!

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Hi Nobbel, I'm a new subscriber and currently on a huge binge on your videos, thank you very much for sharing them, I've enjoyed every single one so far :) I've noticed you've had some machinima in some of your videos, are there any machinima channels you recommend to watch? Take care xox

Misa Pavlica
Hiya and thank you so much! The machinima used is made by Khayllys and she's an absolute legend with the models.

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Hello Nobbel! Love ur vids so much. So, I would like to ask you what are nether drakes: are they some sort of aspects? Because as I remember they may travel through twisting nether and may transform into Azeroth's creatures like belves.

They're not aspects, they were created from black dragon eggs as Draenor turned into Outland. Nether drakes are the immature members of the netherwing dragonflight that are believed to be the spawn of Deathwing, but were affected by the incredible energies released by the destruction of Draenor. Living in Draenor's ruins, now known as Outland, the nether drakes are available as flying mounts to swiftly transport players around the shattered world.

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Hey Nobbel. On Alcaz Island there are alot of nagas, drakes and a npc called doctor weavil and he got some slaves. Is there any story behind this? I went to wowwiki on Alcaz Island and it said the naga was hiding something there. Any idea what this may be? Plot for south sea xpack or something?

I believe that's where they held Varian captive before he returned

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I just rewatched the Expention reveiling and a question came to mind: it was said that the Artifacts were from "those who are lost", next thing said is that Ret-Paladins are going to the broken shore "where many died" and retrieve the Ashbringer. So do you think Tirion died? same goes for Doomhammer

Some will die, some will despair. Time will tell what's going to go down.

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Nobbel, you of all people must be able to explain this to me, because I've asked around and no one seems to be able to. They showed Demon Hunters can have customized horns on their characters. But, so far, I've seen no demon hunter with horns until they go through metamorphosis.

As a demon hunter grows in power, they undergo a gradual evolution, becoming more and more demonic in appearance. The changes are cosmetic and can take many different forms, from burning eyes to black blood. By the time the demon hunter reaches the pinnacle of his development, he is a twisted and dark version of his former self - though the chaotic energy in his body does not affect his personality and allegiance (or so the demon hunters claim), it wreaks great changes on his physical form. The demon hunter’s gradual evolution achieves its pinnacle as they become a demonic entity. Their appearance has changed to something frightening: The exact changes vary, but can include glowing red eyes; horns; clawed feet and hands; nonfunctioning wings; cloven hooves; a spiked tail; dark skin; a deep, rumbling voice; and similar cosmetic changes. The demon hunter becomes an outsider.

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