Ask @NobelCrayonPrize:

What’s your kryptonite?

"Psh, yo , I'm on that sad boi shit, so can I get hit? I dont smoke weed but I smoke cigarettes! Have a lot dreams that I cant forget! Cry instead to my emo playlist! Eat a lot of food cuz I'm depressed. Have no friends and life's a mess! Got a crush I like and shes the best! Oops oh shit that was my ex! This heart stay broke like my paychecks! Spend too much time with my own thoughts when late outside the parking lot! Just think sometimes if I got shot would she remember me or not!? It's not like I could just forget but I still miss you half to death."

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What's your favorite summer outfit?

Depression? Rejection? Self loathing? Haplessness? Ah! It's that time of year where I pop my head out of that gloomy chateau we all call home! Can you feel it? The fresh, summer breeze of optimism! A new season! A new chance for love! ..but wait, hold on..who am I again? Oh, yeah, it's one unreluctant pariah and his guardian angel, Socially inept awkward and ugly to 99% of girls and the only 1% died in 1850 with the rest of his outdated interpretation of love ghost raccoon thingy of a hot mess!..Ah! Well, never mind, I can see the rain starting to fall once again! Owh! looks like a thunderstorm with a chance of spite and projected hatred towards all mankind until Autumn! Quick! I better head back in and fix me a bowl of spited chili with a tall, refreshing glass of unrequited soda! Mhmm, now I'll just sit by the window and drown in jealously as I quietly fade into obscurity!

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Hey I’m Selena. You are a bright light in this world. Never lose that! Ever!Please know that if you ever need anything advice or just someone to talk to, I’m here for you. No matter what. I love you. All love. God bless❣️🙏@reselenamgomez

I honestly never got these ask tf? Why pretend to be a celebrity you don't personally know when you can just be yourself and spread this kind of positivity instead? That sounds a lot more real than this whole facade shit

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For what will you remember today?

Technically, it's now Friday. I have interview around 10 just 2 minutes away from where I live and I'm a bit nervous. Tbh, this isn't my fist job, but it is for this year and I can't express enough how anxious I get. It's not so much of what I'll be doing (cleaning dishes) but so much as others trusting me with a responsibility. More than often I'm always scared obtaining an important tittle and letting down others who entrusted me with it. That's my biggest fear. As if, "Here, you've been passed the golden dish soap, do not disappoint us or we will shun you until you quit" Lol that's kind of how it feels. Also, being around new people. Like, I'm already weird, they might not like me! They think I probably speak Spanish, too, but I don't! Truthfully, I'm clumsy, shy, awkward and very soft spoken. I'm honestly and accident waiting to happen..again, and again and again Lol I don't know, but I'm nervous. I also fear being put into a scenario where I just freeze up. God, the thoughts that go through my head. I wish I was better equipped in handling life's pressures and woes, but unfortunately, this is all that I have. But I have ambitions. I have goals, and by fuck all, I'm not letting my insecurities get in the way of my path towards happiness!! ...Or I might.

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What do you feel like so many people don't like you?

It's complicated because I'm a weird individual and people usually don't bother with weird, strange or different. People usually tend to hang around others who have the ambitions, ideology and interests. However, I'm complicated. I'm shy, I have insecurities and most of the time I'm quiet and awkward around large settings. I can't help it, it's just the way that I am. So most of the time I'd rather be shuttered in, which is not ideal to outgoing people and proves rather difficult in meeting similar people as we are all hiding under a rock Lol Maybe it's not so much as others don't like me, but rather might not ever get to know me. But that's alright with me because I'm rather boring. To be honest, most of you would be bored in a matter of minutes as I would rather stay in and play horror games, or go for a walk in a park, or just sit back and talk all day about our never ending, unachieved ambitions. I think things are fine the way they are. The only problem I have with others is confrontations. Every so often I'll hear a remark or exchange a few words with other people and I don't like it, but I have to defend myself. More than anything, I hate confrontations and I'll gladly stay in for missing that opportunity. I battle enough as it is with myself, don't need it physically, too.

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What do you look like when you wake up in the morning?

Definitely not like my tinder photos. 😒 my relationship life is so sad I resorted into buying tinder gold. Yup👌 Incase you guys ever wondered out there “who’s sad enough to actually get this? Lol” well, fuckers, I am and I have and tbh I actually have a match in another country. So far I’ve been left on READ for about a month now with other girls, but maybe, hopefully before the end of this year I can find a really sweet girl :’3 probably not, knowing my luck..fuk it. I’m going out exploring the wilderness to adopt a couple of raccoons. I hate you all <_<!? Jk

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