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If you were in love with someone do you think it would be possible for you to cheat on that person?


If you ever see me again, don't speak. You broke my heart. You showed you don't care and now I want you all the way out my life. Even if you wanted me back, you can no longer have me. I deserve wayyyyyyy better.

of course you do

I think talking and venting to people you don't know and have no attachment to is the best type of release. Especially when it's a stranger or someone you know you'll never see or talk to again.

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i totally agree with you

3la fkra o7shteni o nfsi ntklm tany bs ana kol lma bklmk anty mesh btdeni ay forsa o ana asln nsit a7na mb2nash ntklm leh mn kotr ma al modo3 3da 3leh o2t kbiir awii ya semon ana bs kan nfsi nfdl so7ab l2ny msh 7abb a5srk bs anty 7aba t5sreny 3ady t2rebn

min tyb? ana 3omry m7bet a5sr hd, t3ali ntklm tyb, atmna t2oleli mien?

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If we never talk again, I’ll understand… But I can’t keep putting myself through this… I’m tired of the games and talking on here is hard because you don’t know who is who… I’ll love you forever… you know how to contact me… Your not blocked and I’ll never do it again. I miss your voice… I Love You



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