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pirzzz’s Profile PhotoPir Fahad
As a kid when somebody use to say I will buy this for you or tomorrow we will go somewhere my grandfather use to ask them are you actually going to do this if yes then say this to her otherwise don't promise her anything she isn't like other kids I wish I could tell him now that people still make promises that they can't keep and there is no one to tell them that I am not like others

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MinhalBaloch’s Profile Photoمحمد منہال بلوچ
A 6 years old,laying down comfortably in bed,moving fingers through her soft brown hair,her angelic eyes dreaming of the day when she was laying in her mother lap probably more comfortable than her luxurious bed,staring at her beautiful eyes that makes her forget the brightest stars and Allaho lale lalou sha lullaby in her soft calm voice makes her fall into deep sleep🕊


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