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Noopur Nagpal
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If beauty was a drop of water, I would call you a godamm Pacific ocean 💕


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where do I PM you ?

umm, facebook is cool.

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hey, I need some help. WOuld you mind helping me ? Some stuff related to girls, not creepy stuff, I promise. I'm struggling with some feelings I have for a girl. I just wanted to talk about it all with someone. Please help me

Sure PM me

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Do you like wearing high heels ?

I haven't ever sat down and thought about them tbh

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u r more cute than the word cute itself ..the word blush also blushes when u smile...the word beauty also hides herself when u r nearby!...when u smile I skip a heartbeat ...out of the 7 million people out der in dis world my eyes dont get off frm u!.:* :)


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Are you single ?


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