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What are your most important rules when going on a date?

I have never been on a romantic date before. I am too introverted for dates.
But they are always lovely to think about.
I guess one of the most important rules is... well... Get good sleep beforehand(?). Socializing takes a lot of energy, so it is wise to have enough energy saved up to be yourself.
Other than that, I am clueless.

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What are your most important rules when going on a date

Did you receive anything that made you really mad this year?

Not really.
The only reasons that I have caught that I get mad are due to me being incapable (i.e. useless/not good enough). Whether that be through not being good enough for my friend or myself all depends on the situation. But you can tell that I am either mad, sad, or both if I cry. I always cry when I am mad. 80% of the times I am mad, it is towards myself for some internal reason.
That is why it touched my heart when someone told me "Everything will be okay" metronomically. As I broke down in front of them, those words calmed me down. They soothed me. They made me sadder than anything. And then that sadness converted into love through profound patience. People can be precious.

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Did you receive anything that made you really mad this year

What is your typical day like?

Let's assume that I am having a "typical day". This means that my sleep schedule is not horribly all over the place.
I would wake up. Brush my teeth. Shower. Then it diverges from here.
Are my friends asking me to play a game with them? If so, then I would play League of Legends with them for quite some time until one of them tilts off or wants to play a new game. Recently they have been in love with Phasmophobia and, frankly, so have I.
Do I have work to do? If so, then if I get on the work, I really will not be off of the work for hours upon hours. I usually take the day to knock out as much work as possible, mixing naps in between to maximize my efficiency and comfort.
Do I have school? Then I do school work and whatnot, usually after school I take a nap. Then, diverges into that "work" or "friends calling me". Sometimes, if someone is feeling down, I'll do GFX for a few hours devoted to a gift or if a birthday is coming up I'll plan out time.
Tl;dr my schedule is very flexible. Those are the three main diverging points in the present. I play around these three points accordingly.

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What is your typical day like

What are you known in your family as?

I am known as the smart one, the one that you can turn towards to solve any problem you may have.
For example:
• Calculations?
• Technical issues?
• Fridge light out?
• Certain part of your body acting up?
• Interpreting an email?
• A disagreement is happening. Nora, who is right?
I am known as the miracle worker, the one that can pull something off irrespective of the difficulty because of their undying determination.
Now, the second one- I would disagree. It's kind of ridiculous that even my family idolizes me due to my successes, not seeing my failures. I was always the one to preach that hard work can overcome natural talent, which I can say that my successes have come from a ton of failures rather than lucky breaks.
Hirato told me this long ago: "Life isn't over when you lose someone. It's over when you give up."
I've made it so far since I first made my journey and I swear I'll leave my mark, even if it's only on one person. I want to be known as a YouTaite, as a graphic designer, as a coder, as an artist, as an editor, as an animator. That will be enough.

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What are you known in your family as

What would you change about yourself?

I was reading about my past and it turns out that I was always afraid of relationships. Even with people I truly loved. My longest relationship consisted of my "girlfriend" being my "informal girlfriend" for many months until I was brave enough to ask her out. It was something about the label that scared me, something about the label "girlfriend" that made it so I felt things would fall apart. I think having a girlfriend scares me. I never knew why. I would like to change this about myself because I think it just brings unnecessary trouble and stress to any picture.
I would also like to become the person I was in 2017 again. I taught myself that despair wasn't the answer to my strength last year. With an open heart, I was able to succeed in GFX, academics, and challenges better than I ever had before. So I broke this myth that I had in my mind that I had to be a "broken, in solitude, arrogant" person to succeed. I think that made me feel power. My reasons for wanting to be that way again are because I guess that I'm still under the illusion that friends are a distraction and a facade.
One of my close friends said that he probably wouldn't talk to me after this year nearly as much because we were going separate ways irl. This didn't make sense to me- that they were determining that in that moment. I figured they already had a reason to desire their "new life" over their present where I was, in my heart, one of their "close friends", growing together in art and helping them in whatever way I could to be successful.
Looking back, I think that I'm tired of living in their shadow, of them always insinuating that I'm not better than their worst days irrespective of my best efforts. I think, deep inside, I wanted to prove them wrong to make a point to myself, that I could make it. It was clear that they were getting to my head.
Art... just gets to my head. Which is also why I would like that Nora back. But perhaps that Nora was an illusion; the easy way out.

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What would you change about yourself

Who do you go to for advice?

Shenzo ❤ Sho
I go to a few people for advice, such as my art teacher, Crystal (my longest internet friend), and Lin.
My art teacher gives me advice for art, of course.
Crystal told me that I could trust in her, so I do open up occasionally about life. Not always, though, since I dislike relying on others for my struggles. However, someone else told me to explain myself for important things, so I took their words to heart and I do once in a while, or whenever I feel like it's important to.
The last time Lin gave me advice was for an anime convention. "Always order the size up from what you measure yourself" along with some budgeting assistance.

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Who do you go to for advice
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Which fictional character would you date?

For Certain:
Shinobu Kocho. 18 (age)
Makise Kurisu. 18
Aiz Wallenstein. 16
Makoto Niijima. 17
Sae Niijima. Early-mid 20s
Ann Takamaki. 16
Katherine McBride. 32
Oerba Dia Vanille. 19
C.C. 16
Emilia. 19
Rin Tohsaka. 19
Nao Tomori. 15
Kurumi Tokisaki. 17
Alice Synthesis Thirty. 19
Touka Kirishima. 18
Nephren Ruq Insania. 14
Kaga Kouko. 17
Asuna Yuuki. 17
Rem. 18
Ram. 18
Chitoge Kirisaki. 18
Onodera Kosaki. 17

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