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Momken likes !!! :D


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حاجة عاطفية ولا دراسية ولا شغلك ولا هوايتك ولا ايه؟

ايه ده؟😂

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كل واحد ليه شخصيتين المحترمه والصايعه شويتين انت بتحب اكتر شخصيه مين فيهم ؟؟؟؟


الشخصية الوسط الي هي لا صايعة اوي ولا محترمة بزيادة

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ممكن اعرف ايه مفهوم الرجولة ؟

كلمة رجوله دي كلمة مطاطة و عامة فشخ دي حاجة بمعايير بتختلف من شخص لشخص

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ايه هي انسب طريقة تعبر بيها عن مشاعرك ؟


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What is the most difficult part in your job?

it's all difficult but i love what i'm doing

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did u have ur first awkward kiss ?

Never been kissed before *forever alone meme*

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PAP of your dream car!

EQ Tip please!

Layering bitch!

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What kind of things do you like to do in summer?

Eat, sleep, Produce, repeat..

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eh nazrtak lel bent ely btshrab sagaier aw weed ?

Zai nazrty ll walad ely bishrab sagaier w weed..

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Best Actor?

Liam Neeson
Tom Harrdy
Leonardo DiCaprio
Patrick Willson

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Best movie in 2015, 2014 & ever?

2015: until now, Mad Max
2014: Gone girl/Interstellar
Ever? Inception.

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It's World UFO Day! What's the first thing you'd ask an alien?

How do you marry?

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You Can't Find the Friction,,SOO?


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Feen deen om el tarcks ?

Deen om el tracks bitzabato mixing w mastering 3lshan el quality ttla3 ndefaa ya3aam 😂😂😂

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hoa azai akhaly el soot bta3 el lead yroo7 w yegy zay el drop bta3et illuminate kda ?


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تعرف امنية من امتي ؟

Mn khamas sneen...

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best friends ?!!

Laa dool kteer:D

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Best lyrics you have ever heard?

In Songs?
Coldplay-Fix You

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If you have an opportunity to buy one album for coldplay what would you like to buy?

thought question:D
X&Y i prefer..

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followed mn zmann :D

Thanks! :D

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How to EQ the vocals ?

have no experiences in dealing with vocals i'm sorry:D

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So,What's the best EQ do you use for plucks and leads?

Parametric EQ2
Fab Filter
Kickstart and many more...

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Deep house track soon?

Aywa ya 3ars bawzt deen om el mofag2a :D
3la allah tkmal 3la kheer msh zai kol mara t7sal 7aga fel akher :D

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