Ask @NourinRahmanDipa962:

What would you do, how would you react if your best friend/soulmate(assuming you had one) fell in love with you? But you don't see him/her as 'the one'.

My bestfriend has a girlfriend already. So no chance bro xD

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বলেছি মেয়েরা soccer বা football খেললেও ফিফা খেলে না....কিন্তু তুমি কি আলাদা & ready for a challenge... that's what I said in English

Wasi Sporsho
Nope. I'm not different from others. :3 Not into soccer, football or fifa. More into badminton.

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একবার গভীর আঘাত পেয়ে ভালোবাসার ভুল করার পর আবার কি কাউকে ভালোবাসা উচিত?

Join your broken heart dear, and go for another one.

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How to concentrate on your studies at least for an hour without keeping your phone away?

Zerin Tasnim
Turn on some jhakanaka music (FULL VOLUME) and then start studying. Trust me it works. You won't get distracted. Instead porar mood ashbe. I do the same thing.

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