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Deserve ko ba yung taken na pero.mahal ko pa rin khit pa gnun sitwasyon..o hanap ng iba?

Hanap ng iba. I've been there.. and ang masasabi ko lang sayo. You don't deserve to be an option. You don't deserve a half baked love.
And also, put your feet into her gf/ bf's shoes. Karma is real. Love yourself, know your worth and values.
Wait for God's best :)

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How to love again after being hurt.??

last time i've checked, it takes 2 years for me to fell in love again after my first boyfriend. Im not that easy to fall in love. Well in fact im so pihikan πŸ˜‚ .
But since u asked me..i think. The best way to love again is to forgive urself first and the person who hurt you. Because sometimes, we often think we need love..without knowing that it's healing that we need.
Love when you are ready, because if you are?.. then you definitely shouldn't be asking that question :)

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Mahal na mahal ko sya! Pero hirap na hirap nako. Gusto ko na makipaghiwalay. Is this the right thing to do?

Love yourself and know what you deserve. Go for what makes you happy, rather than compensating your happiness by being into a relationship and yet, confused and wondering.
Ur just being unfair to your partner if that's the case.

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Are you selective choosing a friend??

SUPER. Im a people person but i have only have few people (my go to)which i can really be open with (mostly are churchmates ). Trust issues i think, but i don't have high standards when it comes to friends. Just be a God fearing person which i can also relate with almost anything (music, food, books, movies, fashion, hobbies ).. and hygienic too?
P.s: i also ask for God's wisdom every time i make friends with people (because it's a relationship too, it'll either stress you, or make you be the better version of yourself )

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Whats level of your self - esteem????

I'm an introvert but I'm willing to go extra miles when needed ex: speech during seminars or do preaching, do social work related activities or meetings. I'm not narcissistic to have that kind of ego of self proving. I'm just confident enough of who I am as a woman. I'm just more of preserved, and I think that's more confident?

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What product would you seriously stockpile if you found they weren't going to sell it anymore? πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

essentials: water, coffee, alcohol, toothpaste, soap, samyang noodles, kimchi noodles, pringles and chicharon, shawarma, chilli paste
must-haves: earphone and charger ( i often lose them or break them)
fave: converse shoes, joe malone and aerin perfumes, estee lauder, sephora, mac, and victoria secret make ups (hopefully they'll be on sale lol )

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