Ask @NovyBelly:

How do u express ur sadness? Where do u go? What would u do??

I'm a reserved person. I have a lot of close friends but i always run to 1 or two persons only (3-5 is the maximum number i think).
I express my sadness through vlogging, poetry, arts, music, reading books... i just make myself busy and continuous. Because life is too short to be stagnant just because your sad.

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What products do you use to avoid acne ?

1. I clean my face using garnier miscellar cleansing water ( bcos using water is nakakatad haha).
2. I remove pimples manually if permissible using a pimple remover ( the metal stick with a whole and pointed one on both ends). Watch youtube vlogs regards with the techniques and rules in removing your pimples. But if you are on doubt on this process then DONT. just let it be there..and wait till it goes off naturally.
3. I exfoliate Once or twice a week (depends on my skin condition and mood haha).Also, don't exfoliate your skin too much. I exfoliate using a few drops of lemon oil, coconut oil and baking soda ( i do the measurement and mixture)
4. In times that i don't exfoliate. I use celeteque acne cleansing gel.
Note: don't jump straight to #5 just right after you finish #2. But if you didnt go through the #2 up to #3 then you can freely push through the #5.
5. I use my serum ( i also do the mixture). It's a mixture of Coconut oil, lavender oil and Frankincense oil ( you can google the natural benefits of each oil )
6. I use celeteque moisturizer ( asside from moisturing ur skin, this will help the serum be evenly spread out and also make the serum easier to be absorb by your skin)
7. I apply colgate toothpaste in my pimples only (pls use the original one, the white one) to make your pimples dry overnight. It does sting for the first few minutes of
application. The negative part is, there's a big possibility that it'll leave you a dark spots which takes a weeks or even a month to totally remove the mark (that's the reason why exfoliate)
Note: you can just do the #1 and #6 if you're having the hard time looking for oils. You can use a toner like garnier lemon to replace this process i think..because lemon is good to even out skin for it's rich in vitamin C.

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Mahal mo nga, pero may mahal siyang iba🙃

Hindi naman requirement na pag nagmahal ka e babalik din sayo yung pangmamahal nayon. Love without exemption. Love without condition. Because love is selfless. And , hnd naman dapat maging kayo para mahalin mo sya. Edi hiwalayan mo, or umiwas ka..after all, you still love him/her right...and that's what matter.

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I actually enjoy rainy days when I'm stuck in. They're very peaceful ... what weather do you prefer?

I love rainy days too if it's just with little rain drops, because i can drop by at McDonald's and have some coffee. But if there's a storm..well you'll probably see me working doing disaster relief operations. (i am currently working at DSWD that's why)
So now, i just preferred cold weather (december to january)
Haba nung explanation ko hahahaha

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Which is better, being a realist, an optimist or a pessimist?

Realist. Because being optimistic might bring you more disappoinment that fulfillment. And taking too much risk can later cost more problem.
Being Pessimistic is for cowards, and people who are stack with their comfort zone...they are being controlled by their fear. They fear failing.
While realistic is weighing both positive and negative results of their decision. It is in the median of the two

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Okay lang bang magtampo kay God?

Natural emotion ang just shows that you have that hope and faith, believing that God is able to answer your prayers.
Malamang nag expect ka kaya ka disappointed. Ang mali ay kung you will take it against God. Mali kung kinuquestion mo yung power and authority niya.
Because at the end of the day, as a christian..we all know that God's plan will always prevail..not because he is selfish or whatsoever.. it's just that he knows what's best for us.
God's no is a God's YES for better opportunity.

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