Ask @Nrlfdillahm:

Siapa yang memotong rambutmu?

How do u know that i just cut my hair, Mr. Machineee? So i used to have a black long hair and yesterday when i woke up and see my reflection in the miror, i wonder how my face will look like if i have a short hair and a bit blonde? And im so amazed with my self how i can be so spontaneous by asking my mom to cut my hair, so here i am, a girl wity a short hair and not blonde yet

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Apa cara terbaik untuk memulihkan patah hati?

So i always hear this idea that if you broken heart then find someone new. So i start thinking, how if you broken heart again with that 'new' one? Looking for another one to love again? Isn't it exhausted? So i start thinking about, how if (bcs i never feel like brutally broken hearted and i wish i'll never) find another activity which can rise your desire to live your life moreee than before? Like maybe you go traveling, you drawing, writing, etc and really put ur passion into it? Maybe we can be happy with that? Bcs what i believe if you can be happy with someone if you are happy being single first? And i ever read this in a medium that its not ur lover's duty to always cheer you up. So we need to cheer our self up and learn how to handle our own feeling.

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Hari ini kamu bersyukur karena apa?

Im such an introvert person (perhaps) but sometimes i need to talk to someone just to know whats hype nowadays in my circle and just to make sure that i still have friends 😂 so today im going out with my friend of mine and talk a few thing which i think it doesn't matter and you know, its not satisfied enough so i am like 'okay nice to meet you' 'see you again later' but dont get me wrong i do really appreciate it and thank to her yet i didnt feel satisfied bcs i still feel 'hungry' of curiosity about talking a deep conversation to someone and sharing something good together and i dont blame her its just me who ar not really into her at time time. So i come home, laying on my mom bed (like i always did) beside my mom who read Qur'an and surpsringsingly i become realize that maybe i will never ever find any other satisfied like what i found in my home especially when i talk to my mom.

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Pernahkah kamu merusak sesuatu karena marah?

Yes i was and i ended up regret it yet i know that what i did was wrong so im asking apologize to the person who i screw up and that was the moment i realize to not doing it again later.
I think we need to grow up day by day. If you were an arrogant person, realize it and try to be more humble. If u were used to be an annoying person, realize it that you need to be more kind person, etc.

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