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If you had to chose between a hot girl who had a perfect body or a girl who was ok but had some in-perfections what would you chose?

Inperfections obviously because body isn't every thing also you might want to rephrase that

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right I want to just say this...im your Ex but I wish I wasn't, I wish I was still with you (yeah I know who you are) but you have that stupid girl in the year below us. if I was to come up to you and kiss you honestly what would you do? (im not going to say my name) x

at least give me a clue as to when we dated???
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what happens when you drown a kitten on minecraft? xox

It launches 17 cardboard nuclear war heads at America

if you had to chose between creating your own Xbox game or making a youtube channel with PewDiePie what would you chose??

i would make a game where North Korea take over the world and i would nuke anyone who has problems with copy right

Do you think people are basically bad or basically good?

Well i am evil from the start and you can't get basic good or bad people

If a man chopped his cock off and offered you £100 if you ate a slice, would you?

Cooked or Uncooked

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